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Don't Overproduce Your Magic Spells!

Don't Overproduce Your Magic Spells!

Here is a really important tip that all magicians need to HEED:

Don't overproduce your spells!

Find out how "piling on the magic" makes so many spells weak, pointless and ineffective, and what you can do to avoid that sort of magic failure.

The other night, I decided to do a spell for something I was quite serious about and that was close to my heart and I noticed something interesting.

If one wants something very much, there can be a propensity to try and "pile on the magic" - adding more ingredients, more verses to the spell, more Gods, more angels, 6 drops of something instead of the 3 it says in the magic potions recipe to "make the spell stronger".

If you ever find yourself doing that, STOP.

Stop, take a deep breath and step back.

You are being too involved, too emotional, too desperate, too stressed out and chances are high you are going to ruin the spell.

A spell should be like an arrow - straight and true, and powerfully rushing off in the right direction, elegant and aligned absolutely.

In this simile, it helps if your arrow is straight rather than crooked; made of excellent wood and has high quality feathers to stabilise its flight.

But - if you start hanging bells and whistles from your arrow, instead of speeding it up, it will just fall flat to the ground.

  • A spell works best when it has the minimum of ingredients, and they are all in total harmony, in perfect alignment.

And often, there may even be merit in *removing* components from the spell to make it stronger.

It's like at a party when dozens of people are talking all at the same time, and all you get is noise. Or when the record producer doesn't trust in the singer and adds so many violins, synths, drums, special effects and other random instruments that the song and singer gets lost completely - that's known as the record being "overproduced".

So take a look at your spells and pare them down to the essentials. Or have a test with a spell or two and run it repeatedly, leaving out one component at a time to find out how it feels, how it works, what happens.

  • A single candle and a heartfelt prayer can often be much, much more powerful AND effective than a three day ritual - just think about how many things can go wrong in a three day ritual!

This is a general principle of the universe. There is a sweet spot where everything works PERFECTLY.

You add anything beyond that, and it works less and less, until it ceases working altogether.

So there is every merit in remembering this, watching our human propensity to try and "add, add, add more and more and more" in a mostly futile attempt make things more powerful.

In all your magic workings, really make an effort to go for elegant and streamlined spells that really hit the mark, every time.



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