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Open Up Third Eye & Unleash Psychic Abilities?

Open Up Third Eye & Unleash Psychic Abilities?

Lobato writes: I was just looking for a spell and a potion to open up my Third eye and unleash my psychic ability and I couldn't find one.

Is there a way you could help me I would really appreciate it. Blessed Be

Dear Lobato,

you really don't want to go "unleashing" radically. It isn't - evolutionary, safe.

In the olden days, folk would go and take massive quantities of LSD for this purpose, based on the shamanic ideas of using psychoactive substances from their environment.

What they tend to forget however is that the shamanic apprentices had already spent *their whole life* preparing for that sort of "unleashing" - and modern people have not.

They may get massive quantities of information coming through, but find that they have no way to process that, don't know what to do with it, and generally go quite off their rocker as a result (English phrase denoting going insane).

You are much better off taking a careful and long term view on these things. Now I know that everyone just wants to take a pill and hey presto, you're a big magician, but it just doesn't work like that.

You could even say that someone who thinks that way isn't really serious about magic, not willing to put in the effort, work and practice it requires to a) get good at magic and magic manifestations, and b) STAY SANE!

I would recommend you buy a copy of Project Sanctuary (or start by getting the free 1st Sanctuary download) which is the best psychic circuitry trainer in existence today, and do the beginner exercises like practising psychometry, Genius Symbols, dowsing, distant viewing, image streaming ON A REGULAR BASIS.

That gives you a SAFE, workable progression that will expand your abilities over time and no sooner than you are ready to process what you're getting there correctly.

That is my recommendation and advice.





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