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New Additions To Magic Spells & Potions

New Additions To Magic Spells & Potions

We've just hit the first three quarter of a million hits and in honour of this, here are the latest improvements to the site and new additions. Thanks for visiting and making Magic Spells & Potions so successful!


Please note this is a historical article from 2006.

I admit it - this site is complicated and there are sections to it that even I don't really know about yet. It's like a big old castle with many passage ways and rooms to discover, and you never know what's inside :-)

But that is all in the spirit of things. So here are the latest additions and improvements.

Member's Pages

Members will notice the more witchy graphics improvements in the theme - a little thing, but now fixed and working.

Magic Spells & Potions Guestbook

And we have a Guestbook at Magic Spells & Potions!

Please sign it and let me know what you enjoyed, and what you would like to see more of.

Magic Women Webring

I've adopted the Magic Women webring recently so if you have a magic blog or website, by all means, join the ring. I've been a pro member of webrings since 1997 and have always enjoyed the concept as well as the increased traffic.

Visit The Webrings Page

No More Pop Ups

And another site improvement - I've taken the Bravenet page exchange out so there are no more pop unders on the main site. Makes for nicer navigation all around and improves the site's atmosphere which more than makes up for the downsides of this.

Magic Spells & Potions Journals

For site members, there are journals where you can write about things, post magic spells and potion recipes, ideas and more. As a member, you can read other member's journals. This is one of those things I sort of knew about but hadn't really given any attention to because I always log in as an admin so I don't actually see what's going on on the members site of things, but I've now made changes so I can be a member as well - and have my own journal, even!

Site Newsletter

If you are a site member, then you know that you've never yet been troubled by a site newsletter or such. That's because I haven't sent any. I might change that in the future as my workload is shifting, so if you are a member, tick the subscribe newsletter button, because at the very least we're going to have a competition for the millionth hit which is coming up some time around Solstice time, I would have thought.

Forums, Submit Spell, Article Comments

I had to de-activate all of the above because stupid spammers just make swamp these things and it takes forever and a day to delete all the mess they leave behind. That's really sad because these idiots mess it up for all of us (remind me to make an anti-spammer spell!) but in the meantime, use the Journals for members only to communicate.

StarFields Fact File

I have finally gotten around to making a "Who is StarFields?" page which may be found here:

The contents module has some very interesting articles in it that are often overlooked by casual visitors. The index for the contents is here:

I put things in the contents module rather than the news module (the articles on the home page) because they are always appropriate and usually concern the structure or backbone of energy magic, rather than being about an individual spell.



I am thoroughly enjoying my Magic Agony Aunt column, Ask SFX. This is giving me good daily practise and challenges of all kinds. Energy magic is relatively new and this column is a really good way to assemble a range of different things.

What I find also truly fascinating is to notice the difference between requests where magic is an answer, THE answer, often, and others which aren't actually magical problems at all and where something else needs to be done.

I don't want to drift off into philosophy here but to know WHEN to use magic, and when to pick up a hammer, is probably THE single most important thing any magician needs to learn somewhere along the line :-)


The Magical Properties Of Salt


Salt is a great substance and immensely handy for magicians and priests alike. Here is a useful article about The Magical Properties Of Salt.

I am currently working out a magical attribution chart for metals in energy magic and will post that soon.

So that's all for today, thank you for visiting and have a magical day!


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