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Why You Need A Magic Name & How To Find Your Magic Name

Why You Need A Magic Name & How To Find Your Magic Name

Magic names are very important in magic, but they also crop up in the form of internet nicks and aliases.

  • The right magic name can help you and the wrong one can practically curse you.

Here is what you need to know about magic names and what to do to find yours.

Why You Need A Magic Name

And How To Find A Magic Name

What Is A Magic Name? | Magic Names Are There To Help Us | Who do you want to become? | Where To Find The Magic Name | Many Magic Names


There comes a time when every person who deals with magic needs to take a magic name. When they do, they start to take control of their incarnation in a whole new way, beginning to shape their own path and identity, rather than just living out what society or the elders decreed the individual to be. 

Magic names are very important, so here is a guide to magic names, and some ideas how to find a magic name for you.

What Is A Magic Name?

First, what is a magic name?

Clearly, it isn't whatever your elders (if but rarely betters) have bestowed upon you shortly after birth.

It is a name that you choose for yourself, in consultation with your own higher friends, guardian angels, and the general powers-that-be, which expresses not so much "who you are" but actually more "who you want to be" as you take the name and step into THAT. I consider taking a first magic name, or another magic name if you have outgrown the one you have, or you seek a change in your life, a part of growing up and taking charge of your own destiny.

So how do you find your magic name?

Let's stop for a moment and think not in terms of "THE" one and only magic name that "defines your entire incarnation" here, but of "A" magic name, one that is appropriate to you and helps you out, here and now. There should come a time when you are ready again for the next step in your evolution, and then you will change your name again and take a NEW magical name to reflect the desired expansion.


Magic Names Are There To Help Us

The ability to choose our own names is amazing; it's very powerful, primal magic of the sentient being and we can use this to HELP US get what we want out of life, quite practically.

The magic name is a form of affirmation that will practically SHAPE your future, and your present too, once you've taken it.

This really is very practically true. I used to be a dog behaviour counsellor and it was remarkable that you could get two dogs from the same breed, in the same litter, and one was called "Satan" and the other was called "Fluffy" by their owners, and guess which one would develop the behaviour problems?

Names set and regulate energetic realities; they shape reality of that which they describe. That's in action all the time, for example in advertising where something that is really bad for you is called Delicious Loveliness With Sprinkles On Top and folk will rush to buy and eat it - even though it may contain poison, or even BE poison.

An interesting variant of the magic name are the modern internet names - forum names, logins, email names - that people give themselves. This is again, a form of shaping reality.

If you moderate a group and you get an application from someone who calls themselves Idancewiththedevilandimcompletelyinsaneandwanttodrinkblood2149(a) of course you are going to just laugh and hit delete.

If you choose such a name for yourself, you are absolutely going to experience practical side effects including rejection all over the place, as well as attitude changes and not being taken seriously if you were to post something.

  • Please note therefore that internet names, gaming nick names, forum icons and aliases, avatars and so forth are also MAGIC NAMES and a proper magical person or one who wants to become a good magician eventually will think about these and choose them with care, to describe not who they are at this time, but who they want to be to help shape themselves into that magic name in the future.

So now we know what a magical name is in essence, and what it's for - a container, a structural device to help shape you into something you want to become.

The next question then becomes - who do you want to be when you grow up into a powerful magician?


Who do you want to become?

First of all, discard all notions of wanting to call yourself "Harry Potter" or "Voldemort" or "Merlin" or "Beyonce" - you can't become ANOTHER PERSON, you can always only be you.

People who try to be someone they're not end up in hospital or in a clinic for the mentally disturbed.

You have got to be you - but most likely, a "better version" of you than the current you.

That's the whole point of personal evolution, right?

Generally speaking, you can't go far wrong if you make an image of yourself as you are now, and then take away some of the pain, troubles and burdens, injuries and bad stuff that has happened to you.

That should improve the basic template.

Now, add some things, like wisdom, having understood the heart of magic, having been fully and completely loved, having been admired, having achieved success in many things, having done things you can be proud of, very, very proud of.

And there we have it - a version of you that is both a goal as well as a potential reality, more shiny than the current you, but still very much YOU IN ESSENCE.

That's a good role model to look towards and to strive towards, and we can now ask, "What might be a good name FOR THAT PERSON?"


Where To Find The Magic Name

Firstly, don't get obsessive or furrowed brow about this one. Stay light. All magic is essentially made from light, and light is light, never hard, heavy, dour or even complicated.

If you know how to do Project Sanctuary or The Genius Symbols, it's easy.

Simply ask to be taken to the perfect place in time and space where you will experience a vision, a sequence of events, that will lead to a threshold shift and your magic name will be revealed.

If you don't (and you want to seriously consider to learn these things, they are useful!) you can simply meditate on the new template and also, ask them what they should be called in a meditation.

You can wait for a sign and leave it open for the Universe to manifest something for you that will give you the magic name.

In the olden days, Native Americans and Australian Aborigines used to go out on special spirit walks, and something would cross their path or happen there, and they would take their magic name from that.

If the worst comes to the worst, you can start by taking a first magical name from something that you love and admire wholeheartedly (but please, not a person, fictional or otherwise, cause that causes major confusion in your neurology!) such as a type of crystal, landscape, or animal.


Many Magic Names

I think that one of the greatest differences between people who practise magic, and those who don't, is in fact that the people who practice magic have MANY MAGIC NAMES, eventually.

This is a sign in many ways that a person has understood that the naming of things is important, magical, and a master key to create reality for yourself and for others.

It is also a sign that a person has understood that we're not just one thing, but in fact multi-dimensional beings, and a name that is good in one dimension - like the one you use living in Idaho so your neighbours recognise you, the state can collect taxes and the postman can find you! - might not work in others, and vice versa.

Just as one tends to collect more than one magic wand if one does magic for long enough, and more than one crystal, or more than one herb, magicians collect magic names as they go on their path.

Some are secret, some are public; some are for special occasions only; some stay for a long time and others are needed only for a short time, to fix something or achieve something, and once that has been done, it is no longer needed and another can take its place.

It's important to see magic names as a form of evolution and not get stuck on one name, no matter how glorious it might seem "at this time".

Likewise, it's important when you choose a new magic name to stay really light and easy about it, just let it happen, keep your sense of humour and perspective, don't try too hard.

Trying too hard is the end of all magic, that is absolutely guaranteed!

So simply have a go if you don't have a magic name yet; and also consider what NEW magic name you could give yourself if you have one already, or many, that would assist you in getting what you want out of life right now, if you were to adopt it.

If you find that you've inadvertently adopted a not-very-helpful magic name by accident, like calling yourself bopeep662, brokengal351 or stupidfool21456 for all to see, put an end to it TODAY and find something better asap!

Evolving magical names is a wonderful way to keep the self concept updated, and to help strive for more - being more, having more, having more fun, living life more fully in every way.


February 2010

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What Is A Magic Name? | Magic Names Are There To Help Us | Who do you want to become? | Where To Find The Magic Name | Many Magic Names

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