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Mother Earth Father Sky Meditation For More Power & Strength

Mother Earth Father Sky Meditation For More Power & Strength

Someone wrote to me and asked do you know a spell or meditation so can I get more strength, how can I get more power for a friend of mine who has none?

I immediately thought of a fabulous energy ritual or meditation in which the two most powerful spiritual energy sources we have are brought together and aligned in Even Flow in your body - from the Earth, and from the Sky.

Wonderful experience, very empowering indeed. Also recommended to be done before starting any ritual or spell, really.

Here is the "Mother Earth, Father Sky" energy evocation/meditation/spell.

Now either your friend can do this, or you can do the shamanic version where you BECOME your friend and do it on their behalf.

This energy evocation/meditation/spell is a call for support from above and below, the physical and the metaphysical, and it both strengthens from the inside out as well as protects in a parental fashion.

In essence what you do is to draw strength first from the ground, from Mother Earth, into yourself; in this case, focus on drawing this strenght, this energy straight into the bones and into the marrow of the bones, from the feet up and let it spread right into the entire system until it exits right on the top of the head.

Get that flow going, then ADD the energy from Father Sky - straight down from the sky, into the top of the head and flowing downwards, exiting from the fingertips and the feet.

You will notice that these two different energies weave around and into each other and make a powerful strength that is more than the sum of their parts.

If you do the shamanic version and you stand in FOR your friend:

- stand up straight and say, "Here and now, I am (insert friend's name). We are one."

- Take a deep breath and say out aloud, "Mother Earth, fill me with your radiance, fill me with your strength, fill me with your blessings," and start the upward energy flow. Keep breathing deeply and encourage the flow until it is steady and strong.

- Keep that flow and now say, "Father Sky, fill me with your radiance, fill me with your strength, fill me with your blessings," and add the sky flow.

- Let them both flow and create that amazing state of the double blessing (feels really amazing, even for a beginner, and it only gets stronger and better with practise!). Remember to keep breathing and your focus on the bones, primarily.

- When you feel you are done, say, "Thank you, Father Sky, for your blessings." and release the sky flow; then you say, "Thank you, Mother Earth, for your blessings," and release the earth flow.

- Stand still for a moment, breathe deeply for a few moments, then bow your head and it is done.

Repeat this every day for a week, then about once a week until it becomes a standing flow that is always happening.

Wishing you and your friend good luck and my blessings as well,


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