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Money Spells, Wealth Meditations, Prosperity Rituals

Money Spells, Wealth Meditations, Prosperity Rituals

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23 magic wealth creation money spells, money meditations, prosperity affirmations, also money games and wealth & prosperity mini rituals - all of which can be done in minutes entirely for free.

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 1. What Can I Do Today?

For our very first exercise, we just have a simple question.

What one, single, easy thing can I do TODAY – out of all the many things I COULD be doing! – that:

I WANT to do,

… and that …

… will bring the GREATEST rewards in the long run?

Take 60 seconds to reflect on this and then … go and do THAT!


2. How Much Are You Worth?

Take a deep breath …

How much are you WORTH a month?

Here’s a good way to find out.

What are you currently earning per month?

Think of the figure.

Now double it.

Double it again.

Multiply by 10.

Say out aloud, “I am worth …. a month!” THREE TIMES.

Say it with meaning, put your energy into it, and have it be real.


3. You’re Great!

Complete the following sentences:

(This is MUCH better if you speak your answers out aloud!!)

“I am really good at ….”

“I am also really good at …”

“My friends appreciate me because I am ….”

“What I like best about me is ….”

“I am proud of me because ….”

“I KNOW I’m going to make it because …”

All this is true. Allow yourself a moment to be glad who you are before we get to work.


4. Breathe Like A Winner!

This is a simple exercise but a great state builder you can use at any time.

Sit back. If you want to, you can close your eyes in a minute.

For just 60 seconds, sit back and breathe like a really, REALLY wealthy and powerful person would, someone who is DELIGHTED with their accomplishments and completely ready for ACTION!



5. Think Money …

This is a fun exercise – I always enjoy this.

Alright, so think of some money.

Very good!

Now, think of ALL THE MONEY you personally have ever earned. All of it.

Think about all the money you have ever spent, on anything at all, since first you acquired a coin to do with what you wanted.

Now, think of all the money in your town. Think of all the money being spent and earned and borrowed and traded every single day, just in your town.

Now, think of all the money in your country. Take your time. There are many towns, and cities, and people, from the youngest to the oldest, paper money, electronic money, coins, cheques, credit card slips … yeah, all of that, day and night …

Now, think of all the money in the world. Take your time to get a sense of just how much that is, and WHERE that is, and how it is ALL ABOUT YOU, all the time.

MONEY IS EVERYWHERE. Go get some more!


6. Money Is My Birthright

Praying for money is neat – and doing this when you’re NOT desperate is the best time, to be sure.

You don’t have to be religious for this, and we don’t need to involve any prophets or saints.

Simply place your hands on the center of your chest, take a deep breath and say out aloud,

“I am a part of the infinite creation. Wealth is my BIRTHRIGHT. I reclaim my birthright in every way.”

Take another deep breath and let the statement ring out!


7. A Willful Wealth Affirmation

Affirmations don’t work if you don’t put some power behind them. So that we don’t think we’re just lying when we state something we want but don’t actually have yet, we stick a simple phrase on the end – “This is my will!”

This works with ALL affirmations and makes them user friendly and EFFECTIVE. We’ll have some more in the days to come, but today’s affirmation is:

“Every day,

In every way,

I’m getting wealthier, and wealthier!


Say this out aloud, three times for extra effect – and now, don’t you feel better for that!


8. Your Dream House

I *know* that you have an idea of your favourite kind of house that you will buy when you are ready to do so.

Think of it now. Think of it clearly and think of all the BRILLIANT features, luxuries and those many things that please you immensely in it.

Walk through the rooms and discover even more surprises.

Experience it, delight in it and WANT IT TOTALLY!

Well done!


9. A Simple Money Spell

Now you might laugh, but this is GREAT FUN and it reaches the parts of us that you just can’t get to with balance sheets and suitcases full of paper money.

Be brave, just read it out aloud!

It’s shorter than 60 seconds, so you can loop it and do it more than once. If you clap along and actually ALLOW YOURSELF TO ENJOY THIS, it will be many times more effective.

You can teach it to your kids if you have any and get them to sing it to you in the car. A marvellous stress buster and a sweet golden ray of happy magic:

Money in my pockets,

And money in my hand,

Money in my home,

And money in the bank.

Money streams towards me

Like the river to the sea

Its easy and its magical

As counting one, two three …

Aaaand …..

There’s money in my pocket …


10. Fun With Work!

“Life without fun is like a dead flounder.” SFX

No matter what you’re doing, no matter what you’re into, today, remember a time when you really, REALLY enjoyed your work.

When you were excited, motivated, inspired and you knew COMPLETELY why you were doing what you were doing.

When you had a really GOOD TIME at work, with work, and through work.

Remember what that was, and make a decision to DO MORE OF THAT.

Work is a big part of our lives, and if it isn’t fun, or it isn’t exciting, we are wasting the most precious commodity we have!


11. Call Inspiring People Into Your Life!

Who are YOUR heroes? Your role models? Who do you want to “grow up to be like”?

Think of one particular person who you are really inspired by at this time.

Someone who has overcome your starting difficulties and has really made it work.

Someone you sincerely admire and wish to emulate.

Say their name out aloud, right now.


Imagine they are here with you in this space and take 60 seconds to tell them why you admire them, why you want to be like them, and THANK THEM for their gift of inspiration, wisdom, energy, encouragement they have given you just by virtue of being who they are.

Say, “Thank you, --------------“, and let it go.


12. Enjoying ALL Prosperity

When you see a really expensive car, a house, a yacht, a sumptious office building, a great estate or other manifestations of prosperity, how do you respond?

Folk who are bitter and negative about OTHER PEOPLE’S wealth virtually never attain it, and even if they do, they don’t enjoy it.

So today’s 60 second wealth exercise is to remember that whenever you see ANY wealth objects and symbols, to make an effort to be POSITIVE and CONGRATULATE their owners.

“Well done! Great yacht! I’ll have one just like it one day!” or thoughts and words to that effect.

This tells our minds just what we want from life and WHERE WE WANT TO BE.


13. More Money, More Success

There’s a world of difference between thinking, “I need to get some money” (because I have NO MONEY!) and thinking, “I need some MORE money”.

No matter how little money you have, or how few your sales, if you have ever sold anything at all, or you have just one coin in your pocket, you are one of those lucky, lucky few who not only already HAVE sales and money – BUT THEY KNOW IT, TOO!

Try this for the next 60 seconds. Instead of thinking how to get (some, any, lots of) money, ask yourself the question, “How do I get EVEN MORE money?”

This also works for, “How do I become EVEN MORE productive?” – “How do I get to experience EVEN MORE happiness?” – “How do I get EVEN MORE love?”

But today, right now, let’s ask:



14. I’m Right Behind You!

This is a GREAT exercise!

Today, you have 60 seconds to write yourself an ENCOURAGING EMAIL and post it to yourself!

You know EXACTLY what YOU LOVE to hear, what will motivate you on this day to really go for it and make the most of what you’ve got.

Do this now, the 60 seconds start from the moment you start writing.


15. Wishing Well

In a moment, take a deep breath and close your eyes.

Imagine you are walking towards a magical wishing well, and in your hand, you hold a special coin that you will throw to make a wish.

This *is* a special POWER COIN so as you walk towards the radiant, sparkling well just the right kind of wish for you to make will come to you.

Make your wish, kiss the coin, throw into the well.

Turn around, open and your eyes and continue with your day.



16. If … Then …

Do you have a drink handy?

Did you know that when you eat or drink anything, whatever you are eating or drinking will become a part of your structure – this cannot be undone.

So today, we’re going to use the amazing “If …Then …” magic pattern from Living Energy and this is what you do.

Pick up your drink and realise that once you take a sip and swallow, this cannot be undone.

Say out aloud:

  1. “If I drink from this, that will mean that I will become truly wealthy MUCH QUICKER than I had ever expected.”

Take a drink! Take your time and feel the drink going down.

Take a deep breath and continue with these, just the same:

  1. “If I drink from this, that will mean that I will become truly wealthy MUCH EASIER than I ever thought I could.”

Finally, there’s Number …

  1. “If I drink from this, that will mean that I’m going to enjoy being wealthy MUCH MORE than I ever thought I would.”


17. 60 Second Stress Buster

This is a good technique to get you FLOWING – thinking better, breathing better, more energy and a whole lot less stress.


Put your attention on your body, on your physical feelings for a moment.

Do you feel any tension, any discomfort anywhere?

Slowly track through your body and breathe deeply as you do this.

Now, let your attention become like a soothing warm shower that gently massages and unlocks, loosens, makes these tensions simply dissolve and flow away.

Let them flow out and away, with gravity, down your legs, out of your fingertips, rushing down your spine and falling over your shoulders.

Now, and for the last ten seconds, change the water to be cooler, sparkling, revitalising, refreshing, charging through you and making you tingle all over.

Ready for work!


18. The Last 24 Hours

Time management usually wants us to look forward and decide before it has happened, what we’ll be doing.

This usually leads to a lot of failure and disappointment, because real life doesn’t work like a “master plan” – there’s always something to derail the best laid plans and the best intentions.

So for today’s 60 seconds wealth booster, I want you to think of something you did yesterday, that was important and you’re glad you did it, because it moved your life ON in the right direction.

Remember what that was, and why it was important, and use THAT to help you focus your mind on what you should be concentrating on for maximum effect.


19. Count Your Blessings

Today, we’ll have something easy and very pleasant.

Simply think of ten things that you are blessed with, right here, right now.

This may be as simple as “my eyesight” or “a computer on which I can read my email”, or as profound as “my soul” or “a bright new morning full of wonders still to come”, it doesn’t really matter.

Just count your blessings, one for each finger of your hands!

Take a deep breath between each one and … enjoy!


20. Music For Success

Music is a powerful motivator, anchor and stimulant.

In a moment, think about a song that motivates you particularly, that has a bright energy which will help you work. Think of it, hum it or whistle it briefly so we know what we’re doing.

Now, make a list of ten songs that motivate you.

That’s the exercise for today!

Of course, you can make a “success playlist” for yourself, or sing, hum and whistle any of your favourites any time to give you an instant boost.


21. These Wealthy Hands …

This is fun, kinaesthetic and brings our whole body to this wealth and happiness party. Even if you’re not feeling on top of the world today, have a go – I promise it will cheer you up.

Touch your head with your hands and think or say:

This is my clever, wealthy head. This is the head of a very rich man!

Continue on and make it up as you touch your self:

Acute ears, listening out for opportunity and success!

Brilliant eyes that see abundance in all things!

A wealthy nose for success!

My rich mouth, tasting the very best the world has to offer!

My strong shoulders and my powerful arms, ready to embrace my riches!

Productive, industrious wealthy hands and fingers!

A stomach for ingesting and digesting wealth and prosperity!

A rich man’s bottom!

Rich, rich legs, walking me towards a fantastic future on abundant feet!

How’s that? You can play this under the shower too and add as many body parts as you desire 


22. Pour Out Those Troubles …

We’re going to make a thoughtfield!

In a moment, hold out your hands in front of you, as though you were holding a sphere the size of a small melon.

Into this sphere, I want you to pour all your troubles, all your cares, all your worries and all those things that swirl around in the back of our minds and make our thinking unclear and our motivation murky.

Let them all pour into this amazing container – thoughts, pictures, feelings, people, bills, the past, the future, all of it. It’s quick once it gets going.

When you have poured in all your current cares, take the sphere in both hands, lift it up high over your head and throw it behind you.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the clarity of forward vision that this brings.


23. A Simple Blessing

23 is a special number.

Today, you don’t have to do anything at all because today, I will just simply send you a blessing.

I might not know who you are,

And I might never meet you,

But I know that you come from the Creative Order,

And that YOU are endowed with EVERYTHING it takes

To be successful and HAPPY in this life.

I wish YOU from the very bottom of my heart,

And with all I have to give,

That your best dreams

WILL come true for you;

That you WILL find that which you are seeking,

And that what life will bring for you,

Should be even better still than that,

and hold along the way,

many wonderful surprises.

So shall it be!


These are the first 23 easy money meditations from Silvia Hartmann's "60 Second Wealth Creators."

As always, the more you put in, the more you get out.

And if you are in serious money trouble, remember that you need to de-stress and re-energize before you do anything further.

Wishing you much success, and that this success should come far easier than you ever suspected.

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