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Money Spell - Understanding Money

Money Spell Keywords: Understanding money, stop being afraid of money, resolving conflicts over money, getting money affairs under control, loving your accountant ...?

Understanding Money

A powerful force
in the world of man
I open myself
to learn all that I can
I now lay aside
all I thought that I knew
and I learn all there is
bright and true, fresh and new
I don't judge any longer
free myself of the old
and I call on the force
and the power of gold
tell and teach me and reach me
so that I might
use this power for all
that is good, that is right

By the future and past
by the sun and the rain
by the stars and the sunrise
that will come yet again,
let my knowledge and wisdom
of money now grow
this is my will, so now make it so.

SFX 2004

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