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Make A Date With MAGIC!

Make A Date With MAGIC!

I was writing an instructional article about making a magic pouch, and as with all the magical tools and toys, there comes a time when you dedicate and activate it, and of course, that wants to be special. In traditional/old witchcraft and magic there are all these complicated rituals with casting circles, evoking angels and all sorts. In Modern Energy Magic, we take a different tack - we make a date with magic!

So we want to do some major magic.

Change the world. Change all the worlds!

Get a powerful outcome, really make something happen.

What do we do to raise maximum power for magic?

Wait a minute ... what *is* the most powerful energy form in the Multiverse ...?

Right ... it's LOVE.

Now I am happy to offer the notion that an old fashioned ritual from some old book can be performed with love, if the person who's doing it is fully and completely *in love* with the old book, every single one of all the multifold items, objects, movements, gods, angels and whatnots involved in these things.

How rare is that? And how hard is it for any normal person or beginner to get themselves into that sort of state?

There is a wonderful short cut to all this that doesn't require anyone to study ancient magic for fifty years before they get good results.

It is the very state of *being in love* that powers us humans up to super-human abilities.

Please note I am not talking about the sort of crazy love obsessions where the love lorn pine and weep and wail and try to control the unresponsive objects of their desires with voodoo dolls.

I'm talking about that state when all the colours are brighter, there is no gravity anymore and everything is BEAUTIFUL - because you're in love.

Perhaps you haven't experienced this yet, but that's OK. We can imagine, and that will do the trick.

Here's how I learned how to do this.

I'd been doing various magical things and "studied" various tedious forms of old magic/magick for a while, and had been dutifully casting my circles and chanting the old incantations. It was sort of OK, sort of spooky and sometimes sort of worked a bit.

Then I met this person at a party. We got on like a house on fire, giggled in a corner together and then ran away from the party like a couple of school kids, ended up on the beach in the moonlight, just talking. I re-iterate - we were just talking. It was a wonderful night and they said they would come for a coffee in a couple of day's time, in the evening.

I was so looking forward to it. I cleaned the sitting room whilst singing, whistling and dancing. Hoovered and hoovered again. Polished everything. Couldn't stop doing it! I got snacks and wine, of course had a wonderful bath, did my hair, found my favourite clothes to wear, my best jewelry. The excitement was so profound and I remember a moment, just before the appointed time, when I checked the front room for the last time - and it was just sparkling, singing with magic.

I very well remember being deeply moved by that and in that moment I knew how to set up a room for real magic. I knew what past aspects had tried with their laborious rituals was so way off the mark, it was no wonder it never really worked or did anything of any consequence.

Yes, and then there was the knock on the door, and there they were, and they were nervous too and excited and smiling, and they brought the exact same snacks and wine I had already put out for the evening!

I remember this person fondly for many reasons, but perhaps most of all because they had taught me the invaluable lesson that magic comes from love.

That's the real power, the real excitement.

And so, when I am asked these days about how to get ready for magic, I tell that story and I say, "Make a real date with magic.

"Put it in your diary.

"Get really excited about it.

"Don't pre-suppose what's going to happen, because the best magic is the magic of the moment.

"Get into the right state and not even the ancient gods can know what will happen next!!!"

Have a go.

Imagine that a fantasy crush from the movies is going to knock on the door at the appointed hour.

How would you prepare your room for them, for both of you, to make a space where MAGIC CAN HAPPEN?

How would you prepare yourself to be really ready in all ways, mind, body and spirit, for this wonderful occasion?

Literally, go with your heart - what YOU feel YOU want to do so that YOU are doing the best YOU can to be prepared for YOUR date with magic.

Let go of any and every old idea of what you're supposed to be doing; this is your date, you've got to love this, bless everything with your loving touch, make that space sparkle, shine, sing and dance with expectation's power.

When the exact time of your date has arrived, step into your magic space and say, "Magic, I'm here! What *are* we going to do tonight???" - and let the multiverse unfold for you.

It's the most wonderful thing.

So freeing, so inspiring, so absolutely marvellous - I wish more people would experience this.

Joy is the true heart of magic.

Joy is an aspect of love.

If it's not singing and dancing, making you feel young, free and *in love* with the multiverse, it's not true magic - yet.

And if it is, then whatever you're doing, you're doing it right.

Be blessed and find the joy!

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