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The Energy Magic Symbol

The Energy Magic Symbol

A powerful symbol encompasses the spirit of the thing it symbolises - obviously :-)

Here is some background information on MSAP's Magic Symbol - the symbol for modern energy magic plus how to draw the magic symbol.

Arrow and Spiral Energy Magic Symbol

Energy magic is all about using energy to make changes at the energy levels, which then "radiates down" into the material universe and creates material change there as well.

Energy magic is powered by the soul - "das Zauberherz" in German - and that's very significant in many different ways.

The most important is that it's YOUR soul. That's where your power comes from, not borrowed from a demon or an angel or some other weird powerfield that's swimming around out there.

I personally believe that souls are like legs - if you don't use them, they shrivel up and become non-functional.

We need souls for many things, but above all else, without a soul there's no immortality, no life beyond death, no ascension, and life until physical death gets very dark and miserable as well.

Souls are good things and we should take far more care of them. It always makes me laugh that people will spend ages many times a day brushing their teeth, but spend no time on their souls. Teeth fall out - souls are forever. 


The energy magic symbol features the soul symbol - the spiral - and a piercing arrow down that literally pierces the general muppet illusions and "the cages of entrainment" in which way too many people live, suffer and then die in misery. 

That "piercing of muppet (un)reality" is ENLIGHTENMENT.

Enlightenment is becoming aware of the energy levels, becoming aware of your own soul and much more beside. It's a form of waking up, growing up, becoming a real human being. 

Energy magic is what you do once that has happened; and entering into energy magic is to seek enlightenment.

For me, all of that is soul serving.

It's all about the soul.

It's not about waiting until you are dead before you get to have a good time, as so many world religions falsely promise, whilst keeping the people in the darkness of their own making.

  • The soul needs to be active, exercised, a big part of every day life so that it's strong enough to survive physical death and can take wing on its new journey.

That's not a problem or a burden or even hard work - in the contrary.

As soon as the soul wakes up, becomes re-connected to the conscious existence, life becomes magical.

Everything starts to sparkle as once it did when we were very small children.

Everything explodes with potential, everything is new and exciting.

Life becomes an adventure, a wonderful adventure.

The soul is the saviour of the human being. It makes you magical, attractive, lucky - everything that the poor muppets dream of gets given to those who have an active soul.

There's much more to this, and I could go on for a long time about how great it is to get to know your own soul, and what it can do for you - but for now, it suffices to say that the energy magic symbol is a symbol of enlightenment, and it's the symbol to denote that re-connection between the soul and the real life we find ourselves in.

Horrible, stressed, crazy, power-hungry people in their delusion tried to drive the souls out of people's lives, misdirect them, dis-empower them and if you look around, it was pretty successful.

It's my mission to bring magic - by any other name, be it soul, be it love, be it ENERGY - back into our lives.

And that's the MSAP Energy Magic Symbol.

Thank you for listening and my greetings to your soul,


April 2016


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