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Magical Spell Poem - My Family

Spell keywords: Protection from and against family influences, genetics, heritage, culture, group or racial influences, finding one's own path, protection against mistaken ideas about the past or one's heritage. Also getting back with the Creative Order, relationship with the Creative Order, rebirth.

My Family

My brother is the sky
my sister is the earth
I was born not of my parents
for the creative order gave me life.

My body carries the ancestral line
from here and now
way back beyond the oldest times of man,
way back before the ferns saw first
arrivals of those walking on the land,
way back before the oceans breathed,
way back before the time of fire
to the very time when first
the stars were born.

My relations are all around me
in clouds, in trees, in ancient mountains,
on sweeping planes they walk,
they swim, they crawl,
and dive and soar -

All life, my family
beloved and encompassed,
radiant and proud I am
to be like them,
a child of the Creative.

SFX 2004

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