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Magic Water - The Original Magic Potion

Magic Water - The Original Magic Potion Magic Water is something people have been using for as long as there have been people - water is very responsive to being imprinted with magic energies for all manner of purposes.

So simple water can become magic water by changing it through intention.

Here are some examples and easy ways to get started with Magic Water - the original magic potion.

Magic Water -

The Original Magic Potion

To turn ordinary water into magic water, a real magic potion, it needs to be "imprinted" with intention energy so that it does the work you want it to do.

An energy magician would hold the purpose in mind very strongly - let's say we are making a healing potion or a love potion that is going to be used for a particular person.

So they would call up that person in their mind, and then raise the energy required to create the change.

This is a very physical process by which the magician calls that exact vibration of energy to themselves, channels it through their body, and lets it stream from their hands into the water through the vessel in which the water is kept.

This can be done quite slowly to build up a fine tapestry of energies, or quickly in a "blast" to instantly change the energetic properties of the water to the desired frequency.

Magic Water - The Original Magic Potion!Unless another energy magician comes along who knows how that works and actively undoes this, the water will now stay charged at that frequency.

When somebody drinks it, they literally take that frequency of energies into themselves, and it will eventually end up in every cell of their body physically, and all through their energy system energetically.

That's a pretty powerful thing and something worth practising.

For beginners in magic, to make these kinds of magic water based magic potions, the easiest way to do the imprinting of the water is by putting your intention down onto a piece of paper, and either making a label that you attach to the bottle to transmit the intention that way as in our example here, or simply placing a glass or a bottle of water onto the piece of paper and letting it absorb the required frequency over 24 hours.

In our example of magic water, I have used the "Miracles" symbol from the Genius Symbol deck to make a label for the bottle.

As the Genius Symbols are very resonant and strongly aligned, it takes the headache out of trying to formulate an intention and trying to make it powerful, with a single minded purpose that will produce nice, clean energetic potions as a result.

You can find the single symbols free online here and the proper book about these magic symbols here.

Now here are some tips on making magic water potions at home.

1. Be completely CLEAR about what you want to achieve. That is the core of working with energy magic anyway, because any form of confusion will throw the vibration out of whack and the potion will become unstable. So, for example, if you want to make a healing potion for Auntie Betty, make a strong image, a movie, in your mind of Auntie Betty being well, being healed, laughing, walking in a garden or something that really denotes your target and your aim - for Auntie Betty to be well.

Let go of ALL DOUBTS and concentrate on what you want to achieve so that becomes the only thing on your mind, the ONLY thing that is being imprinted.

2. Now, and holding this goal firmly in your mind, the whole energy of it running through your own body, either hold the container and let this energy flow into the water; or write on a piece of paper, "Aunty Betty's healing remedy" and affix it to the bottle. You can also do both but remember that you need to HOLD THE INTENTION both when physically imprinting the water, as well as when you are writing the label.

3. Get Aunty Betty to drink the potion. It doesn't matter if you tell her and hand it over officially; or if you pour some of the magic water potion into her orange juice so she doesn't know it's being served. This has nothing to do with placebo type wishful thinking healing, it's strictly energetic and magical in nature and will work either way.

A Note: If you are in doubt whether you should put magic water potions into people's tea, coffee or beer against their will or without their knowledge, do something to alleviate that doubt first. Doubt causes the energetic frequencies to become fuzzy and unclear, and it'll stop the potion from working properly (which is exactly why most people just buy these things from a friendly neighbourhood witch rather than making them themselves!).

Consult with your guardian angel, guide, with your higher self or with your target's higher self to get permission first if this is a problem for you.

To have a guide and a way of contacting higher selves is ESSENTIAL in energy magic so you don't have to do everything by your lonesome self.

If you haven't got these things and you need to get started with that first, goto , find the free downloads and get the 1st Sanctuary Meditation mp3 (it's free) which will help you get at least a first guide/friend in the other realms.

There we have it - the basics of Magic Water. It's a wonderful thing, very powerful if done correctly, and a good practice piece for beginners that really shows up the basics of holding intention, raising energy, transferring the energy and delivering the potion.

Be light and easy, approach this with a friendly and joyful mind set which is much more powerful than being dour and having all sorts of demons swirling around your head (!), and you'll gain a skill for life with infinite uses that gets better and better with practice and experience.

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Magic Water - The Original Magic Potion

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