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Magic Wand - How To Make Your Own Real Magic Wand

Magic Wand - How To Make Your Own Real Magic Wand

In the last week I got five separate requests for how to make a magic wand. I thought that was weird, seeing I had written an extensive article about it. I remembered making a wand as an example and taking the photographs. I looked for it but couldn't find it online. But I did find the magic wand article eventually. I'd done it but not uploaded it.

OK ... so here's the article I wrote seven years ago ... how to make and use your own real magic wand. Enjoy.

Magic Wand -

How To Make Your Own Magic Wand

& How To Use Your Magic Wand

by StarFields

A simple magic wand, made from the branch of a tree and wrapped around with silver, gold and copper wire

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Real Magic Wands - An Introduction

As always, let's forget all we thought we knew when we hear the word "magic wand" from fairy tales, TV programmes and Harry Potter, for that matter and let us start right at the beginning.

And at the beginning, there was a very, very long time ago some creatures that may have been a bit like chimpanzees we see today, who break off branches from trees, strip off the bark and use this first tool for many different purposes.

This tool is like a long, strong finger that can reach further than you can; you can prod things with it, you can hit things with it, and you can wave it in the air.


The First Magic Wand

Have you ever heard the admonishment, "Don't point at people directly!" (with your bare index finger ...)

Well, there is the other part of the story.

The built in magic wand/s that all people possess - the pointing index finger.

You can use that to choose - I want that one! You can use it to make history as you press a button. You can send your intention that way across space, like a bullet would fly or an arrow. You are standing here, but the map you are pointing at is OVER THERE, and where you point, your armies will march across real deserts, and mountains, and real wars will begin, with real pain, and real dying.

In that way, the pointing of the finger has inscribed reality and it has changed it.

That is in essence, the work of a magic wand.

A Magic Wand Exercise For Beginners


When you are out and about, practise channelling your intention through your "inbuilt magic wand".

  • Point it at objects you want and say, "I want that one!"
  • Draw a symbol, such as a heart, on the cup of a loved one with your fingertip.
  • Write the name of a loved one in the air.
  • Get used to "activating" energy flow from your pointed finger, forming an intention in your mind, having that become a feeling in your body, a feeling of energy building, and then let it rush out through your finger, pointing that energy in the direction of that which you wish to change, or influence, or activate, or imbue with your purpose.
  • Do this with both hands - let them take turns. Magicians should be ambidextrous. It's important.

Also, practise REVERSING THE FLOW - drawing things into yourself. Nourishing energy from a pretty thing, or a precious thing; from a person, from food, from water, from your environment, from a book, from a CD - try EVERYTHING.

Now, and now that we have learned how to use our own inbuilt magic wand/s which no-one can take away, and which is probably one of the magician's most powerful weapons, we can move up a step in the evolutionary ladder and start using a tool.

Real Magic Wand - an advanced and very powerful tool for energy magic, hand made

How To Make Your Own Magic Wand

Reams have been written about this, and ceremonies as long as your arm if it stretched all the way round the world and back have been concocted. When I was young, innocent, unknowing and naive of such things and believed everything I read in a book, I went on a totally mad trail of insanity to make my first magic wand. It was totally stupid in hindsight; but what did I know?

A magic wand is A STICK.

That's it.

It becomes animated by the magician's intention, and it becomes more powerful with use and practise (or is that the magician becoming more powerful in using their stick?) over time.

But let's never forget that a magic wand is a stick. No matter what it's made of, no matter what drama went into the production of it, it's just a stick, and that's a good place to start.

Now then. Where do we get a stick?

Before we start rushing off to the nearest 24h mall or go to Google and type into the searchbox "Buy stick online", let's calm down and remember our friends and relatives, the chimpanzees.

Where do they get their sticks from?

Yeah! They get them for free, from a tree!

Again, and before we now go into some mad whirl and start wondering about what we're going to use the stick for, and what the magical properties of trees might be, and whether there would be a special time of day that needs to be laboriously calculated on the moon phases and in conjunction with various goddesses, archangels and the date of your birth - STOP!

Just look around in your neighbourhood and find a tree. Any tree will do. It's easier of course if it's a deciduous tree (where the leaves fall off in autumn) and it's even easier if you can get a hold of a branch, but that's as much as we need right now. All the rest of that stuff can come in later, many years later, if it is ever needed at all or in the first place.

Becoming a magic wand - a branch from a maple tree

Another word of admonishment. You are not making Gandalf the White's lifesize staff here. You really only need a short bit off the end of any branch. It helps if this should be fairly straight; but don't come home with half the tree. A piece the size of your lower arm plus hand will probably do nicely.

When we get home with our branch, we strip off the bark and the leaves.

This leaves us (!) with a lovely pale stick that is perfectly sterile, perfectly clean and quite beautiful in its own right.

By all means, stroke it and admire it. Then put it somewhere to dry for a day or so. Don't put it near a radiator or a source of dry heat because your stick might crack; once the bark is off, wood becomes extremely HUNGRY for oil and moisture. More of this later.


Shaping Your Magic Wand

Surprisingly, there should be very little whittling or shaping involved with your stick. A small piece of finest sandpaper may be employed once it is dry to smooth out any joints that are sticking out and to make your stick really, really smooth and delightful to the touch. Sanding the ends a little will make a very neat little wand, and one that you are already becoming involved with, and accustomed to.

Personally I would recommend to play some nice music whilst you work on your wand, something dreamy and relaxing, something friendly. This little stick is going to become a very useful tool in due course, and as it is a MAGICAL ITEM, intention and state in the magician who is making it is everything. As you smooth and love your unfolding magic wand, you might let some ideas come to you as to what its name is going to be, and what its spirit might be like - what colour, what shape, and what is it that this entity is doing to help you channel energy in both directions powerfully and EFFECTIVELY when the time comes?

As you are shaping a magic wand from a branch off a tree, so you are shaping the invisible realms from "just a stick" to a magical object or artefact. That's the most important part of the process of making your wand.


Anointing Your Magic Wand

Once your stick is nice and smooth and becoming radiant in energetic terms and shaped to your desires, you will notice how HUNGRY the wood has become for oil, or moisture.

This is the perfect time to anoint the wand and have whatever you are using at this time travel right into its very structure. This will set the intention for the use and purposes of the wand; it cannot be undone because when the wood is fresh and pure it absorbs things like it will never again after that time.

Anointing a wand can be as complicated or as easy as you want to make it.

Personally, I use Essential Oils for all such purposes. These so called oils are immensely complex and vastly radiant on the energetic levels (for some oils, one MILLION flowers are condensed to get a small jug full!) and so very easy to handle and acquire, that no modern day magician can find an excuse to do some amazing things with them.

For some nice ideas and to help pick an oil (and potentially a name for your magic wand) see this list of metaphysical names for aromatherapy essential oils.

If you are already used to working with Essential Oils, no doubt something will come to you that you want to use in anointing the wand. Further, you can make the anointing process last for as long as you like, choosing a different oil each day for a week, or even a fortnight, and building up a complex matrix tapestry for your purposes in the process.

If you are a total beginner, work with something you are familiar with and that makes sense to you. Lavender Oil, for example, is wonderful for all healing and cleansing activities, even though it is "common and cheap" it is very powerful and would make a fine first anointing oil. If you want to do a lot of mystical things, go for Frankincense. For love, get Rose. It's a very simple, common sense thing that does not need to be complicated - and if all else fails, go to your local supermarket and get some Sunflower Oil. Yes, that's right, the cooking stuff. It's made from the essence of a thousand sunflowers and is rich, radiant, golden and lends a golden glow of prosperity and growth to everything you anoint with it.

Get your oil/s ready. Get your wand. Think about the good magic you want to do with it. Talk to it like you would to a new cat or dog that you have taken into your home. Tell it what you are hoping for from the relationship and enjoy giving the wand a really sensuous massage with the oil. Feel it in your hands and fingertips, enjoy the scents, all the sensations, and have a wonderful time doing this.

The more love you can build up between you and your wand, the more powerfully it will work for you.


Decorating Your Magic Wand

Decorating is a strange term in magic - really, there is no such thing in and of itself as "decoration". Magic works by aligning form and function to an intention; if form and function are well aligned, you are always going to have a beautiful object, but that is a side effect of the overall structure.

  • In other words: EVERYTHING you put on your magic wand has to have a purpose;
  • it has to serve the intention in the creation of the wand;
  • and if it doesn't - leave it out!

Think carefully about what you put on your wand. A thousand symbols, bits and bobs of this, that and the other, dragons and dolphins and butterflies and all of that leads to confusion, not more magic. More is definitely not better in all magic workings, and that's worth remembering as a principle.

   Magic wand wirewrap decorated  

Copper wrap round a simple magic wand

Third example of a wand wrap

In this example, I just wrapped some silver and copper wire around the wand to strengthen it, give it a more specific transfer matrix and I added a small crystal to the front, and one to the back.

But strictly, this isn't necessary and I have only included this as an example of a simple "decoration" which serves a purpose and is very easy to do.

Here are some other ideas as what you can do with a plain wand:

  • Paint or varnish the wand (you can add magical ingredients to the paint or varnish but test what you have made first on a spare piece of wood)
  • Wrap it in wire, silk, string in patterns;
  • Carve or engrave it with symbols;
  • Add crystals or metals to it;
  • Draw or write on the wand.

If you have too many ideas crowding in of what to put on your wand, you might consider making more than one, even a whole series of them. These types of wands are extremely easy to make and what you do then is to ask, which wand should I make first?

So if you were thinking for example in terms of dolphins and dragons, you might want to make a dolphin wand and another for dragon type work.

Sort out in your head what you want to do with the wand before you start and if in doubt, leave it out!

As before, once you know what you want to do and you have your materials assembled, allow yourself to enter into a meditative state and do the work lovingly and with your best intentions. Keep your mind focussed on what you are doing absolutely and don't drift off into composing a shopping list or wondering what's on TV. All those sort of things create a disturbance which will take away from the eventual power of your magic wand.

Turned wooden magic wand (Harry Potter wand)

Dedicating The Magic Wand

When it is all done and all glues and varnishes have dried satisfactorily, there is one more step before you get to use your magic wand for real, and that is to dedicate it.

This should be a concentrated and meditative ceremony, as in all the steps of making the magic wand.

You want to give it a lot of thought and make notes whilst your wand dries and settles down on what you will say out aloud during the ceremony, who you want to involve by the way of deities, angels, ancestors and spirits; what you want the wand to do for you; its name, as we've discussed earlier.

Take some time to create a nice speech that is precise, powerful and covers the basics. Your speech should be rhythmical, heartfelt and sincere and raise enough energy to catalyse the sleeping wand into existence.

Don't worry too much about this. People get all wound up about these sort of speeches in a ritualistic setting, and they think you have to look them up in some big book from way back, but that's just not true. Something honest and real that comes from your heart and that you believe is a thousand times more powerful than some old thing from the dark ages - this is about you and your magic, and your very own magic wand.

You will make more wands as you go along, and it's a learning curve. You don't have to get it totally correct first time out. Your wand will work, even if you don't, and with experience, it just gets better and better.

So relax, make a cup of tea and think about the dedication. Have a notepad handy and write down ideas. When you're ready, assemble them to make your speech.

Here is a simple example.

State your name and purpose:

I, Starfields, stand before the powers that be to dedicate this wand I made with my own hands.

Get help:

I ask that my guardians come to me now, to aid in this endeavour.

Name the wand:

I name this wand "Little Matrix".

State the purpose:

May it aid me in inscribing my will upon the tapestry of reality, for progress, for evolution, and for healing.

Gather energy and make the dedication:

I, Starfields, now activate this wand. May it serve me well.

Thank the help:

I thank the powers that be and my guardians for their aid this night.


My will is done.

Crystal magic wand

Using Your Magic Wand

Directly after the dedication, the best part starts. Now, you are ready to get used to using the wand. Take some time to just hold it, play with it, touch it, feel it. Hold it in one hand, the other, in both hands.

Try some experimental movements, using the "point" and the "broadside" respectively:

 Magic wand draw shapes 

magic wand vortex 

magic wand broadside

If you can't think of what to do with a magic wand, chances are, you probably don't need one yet.

I recommend you practice with your "inbuilt magic wand" for a while longer.

For a simple example of using a wand for energy magic, see this:

Magic Wand Gold

Magic Wands - Conclusion

Magic wands are very interesting and personal. A real energy magician has many of them, for many different purposes, and also makes disposable wands for one particular occasion.

We all have our favourites, and the kinds of magic wands that really jive with the energy magician who made it build up a powerfield over time and repeated usage, making them very inspiring and energizing indeed.

Have fun with your magic wand/s.

SFX 2006/2012

Real Magic Wand | First Magic Wand | Magic Wand 4 Beginners | How To Make Your Own Magic Wand | How To Use Your Magic Wand | Magic Wands - Conclusion



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