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I have a special site for Magic Spells & Potions and on that site there is a contact form which allows people to request a spell.

I don't always respond as there are too many requests; but I let myself be guided to those which I do respond to.

It's a fascinating process. Here are some examples of Energy Magic q'n'as, spells and rituals that have come into being as a result.



Magic Spells Questions & Answers with StarFields


How Do You Know A Spell Is Real?


Sender's Name: Susan
Message: How do you know if a spell will work for you or not? How do you KNOW you arent just nuts? I want to try a spell and while I wished it would work, I think I\'m just hoping for a false sense of justice.  What do you think?


spells that work for you, that are REAL, have particular sensations (feelings) associated with them. That's how you KNOW.

It's a bit like orgasms.

You KNOW when you've had one.

When you first start out and you've never had one before, you might think there is no such thing (lol) but you go towards the direction of what FEELS BETTER.

If you go in that direction for long enough, eventually there's a threshold breach into this "other state" and then you KNOW that the spell works and it actually really does.

As in all things, practice makes perfect.

Magic isn't done with the head, it's done with the heart and what it feels like is your guide.

Hope that helps some,




Help With Bullying Ex-Fiance

Sender's Name: Sybill
Message: 2nd message , please disregard my first.
My problem is this. My now exfiance\' decided that another woman is what will make him happy. so be it.  I never did him or her any harm, and until he told me that the reason he left was her I thought she was still my friend.  Even after hearing this news I dealt with it and took the passive way out leaving them alone and not letting this news bother me. The real problem is that even though I understand that we are over and believe me I wouldnt take him back at this point anyway, the 2 of them are now conspiring against me to try to get me fired from my job. We all worked together, but I never have to see either of them unless they come around where I am working (it is a very large factory)  anyway. I want them to leave me alone and stop trying to hurt me further! I have done nothing to deserve this abuse from either of them. While we were together I did nothing but try to make him happy, and I tried to be a good friend to her. now for some reason they are both trying to make my life hell. I think they are doing this to justify that they made the right decision  in betraying my love for him and my friendship to her. But I have no way of knowing the truth of the matter.

What advice do you have to give, or what spell is there to get them to leave me be?


Hi Sybill,

I gave this some thought and what came to me was an old Native American technique called the soul fire.

In brief.

It's a form of meditation  (you can do it in a darkened room with a single candle, sit in front of it).

You close your eyes and go to a place with a camp fire and invite the "higher selves" of both the other parties to come join you there.

They *will* come (they have to when such a request is made on that level) and you basically have it out with them.

You tell them exactly how you feel about what they did, and they in turn get to tell you exactly how they felt, one at a time.

The camp fire (soul fire) burns these things up until you're all clear.

If there's a lot of stuff, you can do it in stages over 3 or even 7 nights, but the idea is to get completely clear and all of that "stuff" that has built up, OUT of your systems.

With all of that gone, they won't trouble you anymore.

That's a bit advanced but I think you can do it, you write well and I think you can pull it off.

Good luck!




Spell To Turn A Mean Person Into A Nice Person?

Brandy wrote:


Sender's Name: Brandy
Message: I am wanting a spell to make someone nice. Someone I know is real mean and I would like to get to know them but I can\'t unless they are friendlier.


Heard this?

"The steady drop of water will hollow out the hardest stone."

On this principle, this is a one week spell; you need to remember to do this numerous times a day over the course of a week to make inroads.

I'm not sure what you mean by "nice" but I guess you do; so whatever that is, hold that clearly in your mind throughout.

You need 99 of something.

Small stones, peas, pearls, smarties, it doesn't matter as long as it's 99 of them and they are suitably small.

You need two containers.

Make an "altar place" where this spell will sit and where you'll do the work for the week it is in action.

I suggest putting the two containers on a red tablecloth or a serviette or something (it's the thought that counts) where they won't be disturbed during the week, and where you can get to them easily to do this in the "little and often" fashion.

Sprinkle a little bit of sugar around the containers in a Fig. 8 configuration. That's the infinity symbol which also makes the road from the old to the new.

The left one is at this point full of the 99 somethings; the right hand one is empty.

Pick up one something, hold in your hand, close your eyes and focus on what you want to achieve - in your case, how you want the person to be when the spell is done. The more you know EXACTLY what it is you want, the more chance the spell has to give you exactly that.

Then you say: (learn this by heart so you know it before you get started)

Little by little,
the change I will see
this is my will
now let it be.

On the "let it be" you drop the something into the right hand container where it starts doing its work.

The trick with this spell is to do it little, and often; but pace it so you get it all done in a week. If you start on a Saturday, you should finish the last transfer around the same time as you started with the first one.

You should see the first little indicators that the change has begun towards what you want pretty much right away.

When the spell is finished, you can either clear the "somethings" for later use if they are valuable like pearls or quartz pieces, or just scatter them in a pretty place if appropriate outside if they aren't.

Good blessings on that,





Magic Or Osteopathy?

Soshi wrote:

Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Soshi
Message: First of all,i\'m 15 years old.My problem is that i have a shoulder(left one) which is higher than the other(right one).It is due to the left shoulder bone(the clavicle) which is curved in the middle thus making one shoulder higher and one lower.Not many people know about it as i do my best to hide it everytime i go to college or to the town.I would be very thankful to you for any spell or ritual concerning my problem.
  Hi Soshi,

I would suggest that first of all, you visit an osteopath or suchlike medical professional who knows what they're doing with a young person's body to get hold of some PRACTICAL exercises you can do every day to improve the problem.

Then, and in conjunction with that, take those exercises and create a ritual around them which brings TOGETHER magic and practical - which creates a pretty unstoppable grand conjunction of "acting in accord".

For example, you can cast a simple circle, call the quarters and ask them for their assistance in the matter; light a candle, say a simple spell (they do work best when you write them yourself and you are true to your heart in what you say) such as,

Fair and square
straight and true
as I will
so I do.

(that's just of the top of my head).

Do the exercises with full concentration, holding in mind the clear vision of how you want to be fair and square, straight and true and when you're finished, blow out the candle, thank the quarters for their support and uncast the circle.

Wearing a butterfly necklace, broach or image on your body or in your pocket keeps the spell ticking over.

Spells are good and they work. The physical exercises work too. But when you put them together,you have real magic and like it should be - the planes aligned and together working for you.

Hope that helps,

And good luck




Stop Other People Interfering Between Two Lovers


Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Steward

Message: Me and my girlfriend have just split up due to other people interfering. I know we both love each other could you help build or bond again and stop all the bad karma!


Hi Steward,

This might be good for a simple binding spell.

Two candles, one for you, one for the GF.

Write your names on two pieces of paper which stand underneath the
candle holder. On a third piece of paper, write both your names and draw a circle around them.

Place the candles about a foot apart on their respective pieces of paper, with the third piece of paper exactly in the center.

Light your candle first and say:

Burn bright, burn true,
heart of Simon

Then light the other and say:

Burn bright, burn true,
heart of (gf)

If you have a wand, trace a figure of eight around the two candles, making sure to cross over exactly each time over the third piece of paper.

Say with each pass slowly:

A meeting of two hearts
if it is ordained
must come to pass.

Stop, take a deep breath in and out, and start on the second set. Three passes again, full fig eight around the candles.

Let no-one and nothing
stand in the way
of the meeting of two hearts.

Stop, take a deep breath and start the 3rd set of 3 passes.

Two hearts beat as one
it is my will
and it is done.

Now sit down and focus on the paper with the circle and both your names which is the power focus of this ritual.

See yourself and the gf together, being honest and true together, talking, making love, making decisions. Just you and her, keep that completely clear and powerful in your mind.

When you are ready, move both candles together and tip them so their flames combine. Take the circle paper and say:

My will is transferred
my spell has been heard
As I will, so mote it be.

Burn the circle paper in the single flame.

Blow out the single flame as one.

Wrap the candles and the name papers in tissue and dispose of them.

Sending you success,




A Spell To Bring Peace To A Family


Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Daniel
Message: i was wondering if you have a spell to bring peace among a family

Hi Daniel.

That's an interesting challenge and one you can do a lot with.

Here's a very easy, but extremely profound way of doing this (it's profound because it is VERY, VERY OLD magic, very elemental).

Go out and find somewhere where you can look for some stones in piece and quiet.

You will need one stone each to represent the members of the family.

As you're looking, keep the one person you're dealing with at the time strongly in mind, and as soon as you have the stone, dedicate it immediately by holding it in your hand to your heart, closing your eyes and saying, "This stone is (Aunt Mary)".

Get a pen and some tissue paper and write the name of the person on the paper, wrap the stone and keep going until you have all the family represented. Don't forget yourself! (YOU are in this instance a magician acting from above and upon everyone, including yourself).

Bring the stones home.

If you work in a circle, cast one; if not, get a clean table cloth or bedsheet and put down on the floor to define your work area.

This is where it gets really interesting.

Arrange the stones to represent the family as it is now.

Follow your feelings and intuitions on this completely to create a representation, a GRID, of the existing conditions with all the conflicts as it is.

Allow yourself to become completely fascinated and drawn into this, in essence you are going into a deep trance as you are dealing with these stones which are the people.

When you have the representation as it now is established, sit back for a time and just look at it, learn from it, explore it, KNOW what that is and what is going on on many different levels.

When you are ready, put both hands on your heart and say out aloud, "Universal forces, guide me with love and harmony, always."

Now begin to move the stones to make the grid flow better, more balanced, more powerful, more strong, more interactive - RIGHTER, in other words.

Get the new layout as right as you possibly can get it, then hold both hands over it in a gesture of blessing and let your intention for love, harmony and strength pour down on this new layout, touching everyone within it, healing them, making them stronger, giving them vitality, health and happiness.

When the grid glows and you really are feeling that it does, sit back, say out aloud, "It is done."

Put all the stones together in a bag or a box and put them somewhere safe. You might want to use them again in future as the dynamics shift, to make even greater improvements.

Be blessed, always




A Spell To Make Better Spells?

Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: luke
Message: Can you make me spell to make perform spells better please


Very good question, Luke.

I recommend you read the following article with great care and apply the EFT "spell" on what you learn.






Truth Spell

Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Rachel
Message: i would like some sort of spell or a way to find out if a friend feels the same way about me as i do about him, or if im just imagining it. please help

Hi Rachel.

You need three candles, white for spirit is probably best.

Cast a circle if you do that, if not, find a quiet time and space where you will not be disturbed.

Stand in the middle of your space and place the first candle directly in front of you. Light it and say,

I am I
and I
seek truth

Place the second candle slightly behind and to your left.

Turn towards it, light it and say,

I am you
and I
seek the truth.

Place the third candle to make up the triangle, light it and say,

I am we
and I
seek the truth.

Now sit down in the center, facing the I candle.

Close your eyes, breathe up into a meditative state and until you are quite calm and clear.

Now, see you and him sitting opposite each other, facing each other across a candle.

Let yourself rise up and out of your self until you are above the scene and you can see both of you beneath you.

Slowly turn and move so that you are BEHIND the other.

Say in your mind, say to yourself,

I seek the truth
and nothing but the truth.

Now slowly move forward and into the other, until you see yourself sitting across from the you.

Observe, see, know, talk.

When you have learned what you need to learn, GENTLY move backwards and out of the other. Then rise up to the central position where you can see both of you again, then move straight back down into your own self.

Say in your mind to the other whatever you want them to know, or you need to say. Thank them for their presence, and slowly breathe down until you are back in the room, facing your candle.

You can take that time to think about what you have learned and what you need to do or change now in the hard world; when you are done, blow out the candles in reverse order, bow your head and use what you have learned for the good of all, and harm of none.

Good luck,





A Spell For Everything & Anything?


Sender's Name: luvuas
Message: request for a magic spell that will for me a permanent job happiness and joy with life full of money on my path and spend and have some left overs to draw some more money


Hi there.

You really need to think a bit more about what it is that you want, refine it more, be far more clear in your mind, BEFORE anyone can wave the magic wand.

Take a week to think about it.

And try and avoid the word "permanent" when dealing with magic.

Magic is about REAL LIFE, and that is all about FLOW.



A Health Spell For A Whole Coven


Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Lord Arran
Message: Firstly, I would like to say that what you are doing is great. I have only known about this site for an hour and already it is on my top list of best sites to visit. Anything that I say in this message I encourage you to post on your site. The information here will surely help others. I will even encourage using every bit of personal info I give you so as people know where this comes from. I have always thought that the best way to get knowledge is to give it. But money got in the way alot. So Thank You. Anyway, I was hoping that you could find and/or produce a potion to cure minor illnesses. I do realize that this is a big task, but, I am about to organize a coven. I would like to ensure that they feel well before showing up. I ask you to use your knowledge so as I and many others will have a recipe to brew a health potion. I only need a recipe to brew enough for 13 small vials. They are very small, so the potion must be potent!



Hi Lord Arran :-)

That's an interesting proposition, and an interesting query.

A health potion for the members of a coven, hm?

Alright. Now there's two ways to play that, and the right way is to have everyone participate in the ritual to make the potion. That'll bind the coven more than anything else and directs the entire coven towards future, health and happiness.

At the center of the ritual is to get energy into "heart and soul" of each person, because when they work, when they are nourished and strong, illness can't be there, not physical illness, not mental or spiritual illness.

So you're looking at a strengthening potion for heart and soul.

The sentiment of:

Heart & Soul
Make Me Whole

is at the core of the programming of the water which will become the health potion.

Now you can chant that on behalf of everyone, but just imagine the energy when you have a container with the water in the center of a large circle, with the quarters standing by, and everyone pouring their own unique contribution and will to health of heart and soul into it!

That will be one powerful cocktail!

I don't know how advanced you are or what you do; if you pull out all the stops, that can be a fabulous ritual event that terminates in everyone drinking the potion together in the end.

I would advise to make the carrier water with particular care; 7 days and 7 nights on the ground, out in the open, with a glass lid or on its side so moon and sun, rain and wind, earth and life can totally purify and pre-charge the water so it has within it already what humans can't provide.

I would put absolutely nothing else into the water but that and the "food for heart and soul" - love, attention, whatever you have to give, human, totally precious, what we're all looking for, what will help us grow.

When I saw this, I saw 13 people stand around the central vessel, like they were a clock with 13 hours instead of 12, and moving their positions after each "burst" of charging the water, until everyone had been in every position.

That'll be quite some event.

As I say, I don't know where you're at, but if you wanted to, you could assign the 13 positions to archetypes, to angels, to stages of a persons life (1 = conception, 2= new born, 3= baby, 4 = child etc) and have them raise the energy that way, but for newbies that's a bit too complicated I guess, and they should just focus on whatever love they have to give.

Hope that gives you some ideas,

And good luck with that,



A Spell To Make My Dad Less Controlling?

jessie wrote:
  Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: jessie
Message: i need a spell that might make my dad less controlling

Hi Jessie,

people who over control do so because they are afraid that everything would descend into crazy chaos the INSTANT they relax even for a second.

So you're looking for a spell to make your dad less afraid or to take his fear away.

The good news is that love easily overcomes fear, and as he is your dad, there's a big part of you who loves him probably more than he's ever been loved before by anyone at all, and that is immensely powerful. The love of a child for a parent is incredibly pure and even if you have now trouble with him, the original love from when you were smaller is still in there.

So here's what we'll do.

Find a stone to represent your dad.

Don't think of him so much as "your dad" at this point, but just of a man, who is trying to make his way through life.

The stone should fit into the palm of your hands so when you wrap both hands around it, it is completely covered and surrounded.

Take your time to look for a stone that "matches" the man who is your father because that is important.

When you found it, take it home and cleanse it by putting it into a bowl of fresh water and salt, and leaving it outside where the sun, moon and rain can get to it for a full 24 hours.

When that's been done, take the stone out and either use it right away or wrap it in a piece of silk to keep it "clean".

Now we're ready for the ritual and the spell.

Wait until there is a good time for this, after dark, when you won't be disturbed for at least 30 minutes.

Get a brand new, fresh white candle (representing the purity of a child's love) and light it. Place it in front of you.

Get the stone.

Hold it in both hands and say your father's full name, for example

Gerald Ronald Peter Bridgeman

I dedicate this stone to you.

Look at and into the stone and think of it as a portal that you have opened to this other person and through which your will and energy will now travel and touch them, heal them, change them.

Now, take a deep breath, maybe three and let from inside of you rise all the love you have for this man, the pure, true love of a child that doesn't judge, that is completely unconditional and doesn't have to be earned.

LET GO of any "stuff" that has happened, anything that stands in the way, any injuries or hurts you have experienced, and let that original love rise up in you.

Focus it from your heart, from your eyes and from your hands into the stone as you say:

Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

I call upon the power of love to heal you

I call upon the power of love to awaken you

I call upon the power of love to fill you

with joy, with strength, with power.

Let that resonate out, then take another three deep breaths and repeat it again, with even more power and conviction.

Do it for the third time and wait until the resonance has passed.

Hold the stone to your heart and finish by saying, thinking and feeling:

May you be blessed.

May you be loved.


Kiss the stone, wrap it up in the silk, and blow out the candle.

You should see the beginnings of change pretty much right away.

This is a very wonderful ritual, so I wish you luck with that as well and add my energy and spirit,


PS. The stone will remain an active portal, until you choose to close it again and return the stone to just being a stone once more. You can do this by returning the stone to the land or the sea:

Your task is done
Your journey has begun

... by the way of parting words.

Or you can say the same words and clean it in the salt water and sun/moon for one week.



How To Stop Magic Surveillance?


Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: helena
Message: Need a solution for a spell used on me found on yahoo. A mind reading spell that allow them to see things inside my house and mind no one should know. A spell that should have been over a long time ago. and there is more than on person activating the spell. need a way to seal them out or to block them. for good..

Hi Helena,

that's about the easiest thing in the world.

Call the quarters to protect the 4 corners of your house (that's an archangel in each corner - who's going to get past that with a spell from Yahoo!); a suitable deity or prophet to protect the "up and down" (spiritual consciousness levels); some rose quartz all around and a small mirror at the head of your bed should do the trick.

I personally also like to invite the spirit of the house itself (they all have one) to get involved, awaken and provide that essential protective function on ALL levels, not just to keep the rain out, that houses were always supposed to provide. Indeed, a very long time ago houses didn't even have roofs or walls, they were just a circle for spiritual protection to sleep in.

If you know who these people are, I further recommend the "Safe Revenge Spell" that's posted on the site for some proactive action.

Go kick some "yahoo meddler" butt!

Blessings to you,



Spell For Daughter's Marriage?


Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Mary
Message: I\'d like a spell, or potion, or amulet I can make, for my daughter to restore harmony to her marriage and encourage positive communication. Her husband blames her when things go wrong.

Hi Mary.

I'm getting the strong sense that it's not up to you to do anything to that, it would be different if it was YOUR marriage, but it isn't.

Perhaps the wisest course of action is to send your daughter strength, love and support on her path at this time and to leave it at that.





No Spell For Prosperity

Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Connie

Message: Hello,
I wanted to let you know I really like your site and have registered and plan on exploring many sides to this site. 
I wanted to seek you help with a spell or ritual to help my husband and I with our business, and help make it much more prosporus. 

We have been for the past 5 yrs trying to make a comfortable living selling automotive parts on ebay.  But it seems that no matter how hard my husband & I  try, we just can\'t get ahead of the game.  Our sales come in spurts, when others are making a killing with the same things we have.  I swear sometimes I think there is a small curse or something going on.

I was wondering if you could try and see if something comes to you on this.  If nothing comes, I will understand and continue with my quest for help and I contiue to manifest a prosporus future for us.

Thank you so much for your time.


Hi Connie,

I didn't get a "magic spell" when I read your email, so magic might not be the way to go here.

But what I did think was the following.

HOW is YOUR business different from others that do the same thing?

What is YOUR claim to fame?

What makes you extra special?

And how are you explaining this essential difference to your market place?

Try and get to the heart of that, and then market THAT in everything, from the name to the logo, all the product descriptions so you have a cohesive entity that people can remember beyond just "selling automotive parts on ebay".

This is a tough time at the moment for online sales, across the board; I hear from everyone who does online business that things are dragging and much slower than usual for this time of year. Keep your focus, keep doing what works the best, keep your eye on success and bring up your marketing to be clearer, sharper, fiercer, more foused then you'll survive and thrive where many others will fail.

Hope that helps some,
and good luck blessings from me personally



Spell To Get A Boy To Pay Attention


Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Steph
Message: can u please make a spell for me, so i can get a boy to like me as much as i like him, i like soo much thats its not even funny and its not because he knows me and he talks to me but he is surrounded with other girls, so he never can concentrate on knowing me. I think he is to good for me but poeple say that i have a chance with him... but i dont know when that is because he is in a grade upper then me. he is a year older then me! how can i get him to like me, and pay more attention to me?

Hi Steph,

sounds to me like what stands between you and that boy is YOUR FEAR and nervousness, and for that, you don't need a spell, you need EFT.

It's a really WAY COOL self treatment you can do in your room when no-one knows AND it has a magical component to do stuff on the boy as well by proxy (distance influence).

If you're serious, go get the EFT protocol.

Read it REALLY carefully.

Start with DELETING all YOUR doubts (I'm not good enough, my nose is too big, my breasts are too small, I'm SCARED WITLESS, I can never find true love etc and so on!).

What you need to do is then at school to go stand somewhere close to him .

The main purpose is for YOU to find out if there's still anxiety and fear left. They can SMELL fear a mile off and they don't find it sexy or attractive in any way, it's the confident girls who get the guy, right?

If you are still scared, go back to your room and do some more rounds of EFT until you're not.

When you're not, you'll have a much, much better chance than any other girl in school (unless she too has an EFT protocol) to get him to notice you, talk to you and take it from there.

Go for the free EFT protocol.

Good luck and go get 'em :-)


(man I wish I had that when I was a teenager at school ...!!!!!)


Magic Spell For Weightloss


Sender's Name: liz
Message: Please help me lose weight, send me whatever I need to do

Hi Liz,

I hear you, I really do.

Whatever you might have ever thought about you not wanting to be happy and healthy in every way, dancing with life, know it isn't true.

It just seems that way sometimes.

This is a very powerful evocation of one of the greatest powers in the universe.

It WILL HELP YOU to find the strength within you need to stand up and cast off all that heaviness and sadness, anger and lonliness, shame and misery.

And it gets easier once you get the ball rolling, you know that's true.

Light a white candle in a totally dark room and speak the following invocation (you need to learn this by heart before you start but you can do that, right).

Goddess of Beauty,
Goddess of women,
Goddess of love,
I evoke your power
to aid me,
to make me strong,
to fill me with your power
to help me in my purpose
to be the best
that I can be.

Goddess of Beauty,
Goddess of women,
Godess of love,
I evoke your power
to heal me,
to cleanse me,
to charge me
with life
and love of life.

Goddess of Beauty
Goddess of Women,
Goddess of Love,
I call you
into my life
to stand beside me
to protect me
to guide me
towards beauty,
and love.

Look into the candle flame and see yourself in the future, of the right age, BEING HAPPY and ALIVE (which is MUCH more important than "being thin"!).

When you are ready, blow out the candle.

Here comes the real magic.

Anytime before you eat (and where you can), light a candle to Venus before you start.

A lot of people eat a lot of stuff and they don't get fat - it's a mystery, really.

Let the power of Venus transform your whole eating experience.

When you're done, leave a small morsel as a token offering and blow out the candle.

When you are in a place where you cannot light a candle, imagine one so strongly in your mind that you can nearly see it right there on the table in front of you and act just the same, quietly inside.

Should you feel it wearing off after a week or so, do the ORIGINAL full on evocation with the prayer above again to strengthen it even more.

This is very powerful, it really does work and YOU deserve to be happy, and alive ABSOLUTELY.

Blessed be,



Spell For Becoming Relaxed & Patient?


Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Misty Lake
Message: Hi,
Is there a spell for becoming relaxed and patient? 


The global answer to your question is to REMOVE FEAR.

You might not even know it's fear, you might think it's tension, or stress, or depression but it's always fear at the bottom of it. Adrenaline.

I recommend WHOLEHEARTEDLY the following protocol/spell :-)

This has made THE WORLD of difference to myself and many of my friends, just to go after the adrenaline levels and reduce them on a daily basis.

With greetings,





Wealth Spell For A Company

Create Wealth, Harmony and Flow For A Company


Dear SFX,

I am working for a company that is having trouble with cash flow. I really like it here and I like the people and I would love to do a spell to reverse the company's fortunes. What can I do?


Here's an idea for you.

At home, get the company logo (from a letterhead perhaps) and place it in the center of a table, or on the floor.

Put a small stone for each of the co-workers around the logo in a circle. If the company's too big or there's too many people, place 7 and say they stand for everyone in the company.

Take a flower (any flower will do), move it around in a spiral shape from the logo out over the circular arrangement and say:

All here in this company
work in healthy harmony
wealth flows now most readily
I bless us all, so will it be.

Put the flower on the company logo.

Then you take a small handfull of white sugar and sprinkle it over the whole arrangement, slowly and from up high and bind the spell by saying:

As these sparkling crystals fall,
wealth and blessings come to all.

... three times.

Leave this overnight and in the morning, take the logo, the flower and the stones and leave them anywhere in the grounds of the company, inside or out.

That should do the trick!



A Simple First Spell To Find A New Home

karen wrote:

> Magic Spells And Potions
> Sender's Name: karen
> Message: I am desperate to move. I desperately need my own place to live, my own space!I feel only a spell will work for me now, but I\'ve never done one before.


Hi Karen.

If you've never done a spell, try this.

When you're ready, perhaps when night falls, at dusk, sit by a window.

Hold your hand flat before you and imagine that there is a white bird sitting on it.

Really focus and make it as real as you can.

When the white bird is as real as you can make it, say to it,

"Find me a place to live.
Be my messenger.
Lead me to my own place to live.
This is my will."

Then then raise the hand and let the bird fly away.

Watch it go until you can't see it anymore and the spell is done.

Wishing you good fortune and good luck, always,




A Spell (Prayer) For A Heavy Heart

Deborah wrote:
  Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Deborah
Message: Hello,
I come to you with a heavy heart, without giving you all the details my situation is dreadful.  I need help in every way. Due to a car wreck, loss of job I am not in a position to do much. I have asked my guide to help me but, no luck yet. He said I would be alright if I listen to him. 

If you don\'t feel anything I do understand. I have been told many times that I have a bright light but this week with such a heavy heart it most likely isn\'t. 

With this heaviness maybe I don\'t deserve good fortune, could that be it?

Thank you.


Hi Deborah,

ah! I think you gave me the solution.

The "heavy heart".

We have a really, really cool "Heart Healing" meditation mp3 that gives strength to your heart and helps it shine brightly.

This really works a treat. Use it like a medicine 3x a day (morning, noon, night) for one week and then as and when required, it makes all the difference.

It might even then clear the way for your guide's help to work out as it should.

I really recommend this, it is awesome.

Wishing you luck, strength and a basket of summer strawberries for joy,


Heart Healing is here:

The mp3 is free, and you don't have to read all the writing if you don't want to, scroll down to the end to see the diagram, the prayer (spell) and the download link.



Soul To Soul - A Spell For A Loved One Who Is Seriously Ill


Iris wrote:
> Magic Spells And Potions
> Sender's Name: Iris
> Message: My son is severely disabled and has had four strokes. He is deaf, has vision problems, cannot walk unaided and now has psychotic episodes and hallucination. He is obviously so unhappy, it breaks my heart. Could a spell ease his mental suffering and bring him some peace? It would be wonderful if it could. With thanks and love...Iris



I can't imagine what you must be going through. This is hard.

In a way, it is a shame it takes such drastic deterioration of the physical reality for us to turn that way, and in another way, it is comforting to think that beyond the physical, there is more and it awaits us, it doesn't forsake us, it just sits there until we're ready, one way or the other, to go there.

This is the spell I recommend, and its called

Soul To Soul

It is very simple to do, but very profound on so many different levels.

Find a time when it is dark, and quiet.

Light a single white candle in an otherwise dark room, so it is the only light source.

If you live in a noisy environment, put on some calm music to mask background sounds and help create a space of quiet and contemplation.

Look into the candle, take three deep breaths and then, close your eyes.

Say or whisper, "Soul to soul, I come to know you."

Think of the person you wish to connect with.

When you do, all the "here and now", the problems and everything will be there as well.

Keep breathing, hold yourself steady, keep looking forward in your mind's eye and say again,

"Soul to soul, I come to know you."

Now really reach for the soul, the essence, that which is eternal, the immortal beloved, BEHIND the human physical reality.

Allow all the problems and illnesses, sorrow and disappointment, anger and confusion to drop away, to drift away and focus more and more on the soul being before you.

Say again, "Soul to soul, I come to know you."

Let all YOUR human things now drop away as well, who you think you are, your pain, your gain, all of it so that you as they become purer and purer.

When you are ready, say,

"Soul to soul, I come to love you."

And let all the love you have stream to the other, as you receive their love and light in return.

Let this happen until you feel that the exchange is complete.

Bow your head, open your eyes and blow out the candle.

It is done.


Do this every night for one week, building on it so it gets stronger each time, that you get better at it. You WILL notice changes.

All my blessings to you both,



A Spell To Split A Man From His Wife?

Magic Spells And Potions

Sender's Name: Natalie

Message:  I need a spell to separate two people from each others. I have a men in my life and he is married. And he cant divorce his wife without the reason. He love me so much.Please i need some thing very strong that i can be with my love and i can make him to divorce his wife.


Gee! I got blood red warning bells on that one.

If you really want to get yourself into big "soul trouble", that's the path to take, apparently.

What you *can* do is to try and INCREASE his love for you to the point where it becomes GREATER than the love he has for his wife. That's fair competition. The other is way too costly and too dangerous in every way and represents a possible misuse of magic - and that's a big deal, some call it a sin.

And another thing. So you want this guy - but are you better for his SOUL? Is this love? Can it be if you plan such things?

Soul searching is definitely required here before *any* spells should be cast!

Be careful.




Spell, Potion, Meditation For A Good Night's Sleep

IAN wrote:
> Magic Spells And Potions
> Sender's Name: IAN

Here are some things for you to consider, choose and try.

Sleep Meditation - Project Sanctuary

A very beneficial mind exercise that once learned, will last a lifetime:

Sleep Spell:

Sleep Potion:

Very traditional, tastes and smells HORRENDOUS but is effective.

Get some natural Valerian extract and follow the instructions on the bottle.

You can mix and match all of the above.

Good nights :-)


PS - Doing some hypnosis/meditation/relaxation mp3s before going to sleep is also very practical, safe and easy. You can find a whole lot of free relaxation mp3s here.


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