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Magic Spell To Bring An Anime Boy To Life?

Magic Spell To Bring An Anime Boy To Life?

Suko asked, "Do you know a magic spell to bring an anime bf crush to life?"

Yes, I actually do. It's not so much of a magic spell, more of a magic meditation, and it works like this.


Firstly, you need to know we can "live" in two worlds - the otherworlds, and the hard.

Most people only know the hard and thus only really live half their lives.

In the otherworlds, there is a whole lot more going on.

Including having an anime boyfriend come to life.


1. Find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Make yourself warm, comfortable and supported so your body is safe in the hard.

2. When you are ready, put both flat hands on your heart of energy, centre of your chest, close your eyes and say in your mind at the same time as you say this out aloud (even whispered will do):

"Dear energy mind, take me to the perfect place in time and space where I will meet (insert name of the anime boy)."

Now answer the following questions. This is *important* and makes the difference between a fantasy and actually moving into the otherworld.

What is the time of day?
What is the time of year?
What is the weather?
What is the landscape?
What is the vegetation?
And what else is here?

Describe out loud in your mind and saying it at the same time where and when you are.

Now, to become real in the habitat, go through these questions, carefully, one at a time.

What can I see?
What can I hear here?
What can I feel on my skin here?
What can I scent through my nose here?
What can I taste in my mouth, on my tongue, here?
And how does that make me feel inside? (6th sense, emotion, energy!)

Now you are inside the habitat and you can now move forward and find the boy.

You can talk with him, touch him, ask questions and he will be a real boy.

The experiences will likewise, be very real indeed, as will be the emotions and sensations.

Keep practising this by meeting with the boy in the otherworld on a regular basis. Learn together what you can do here, what you can be here.


Q: Isn't this terribly dangerous? Shouldn't this person have a hard boyfriend instead so they can be normal?

A: There are times in a person's life when they need what they need to evolve. The best people I know have both hard and otherworldly friends in their lives.

When the time comes for a hard boyfriend, lover, husband, it comes. Likewise, when someone is deeply drawn to an otherworldly friend, that's what their heart/soul/energy system needs right now.

Q: What about getting lost in illusion?

A: The otherworlds are not an illusion. They are very real and they exist. They provide a good balance to the chaos of the hard and we can learn things there we can't learn in the hard.

Plus it is very healthy to have an alternative world to draw energy from when the hard sucks, as it does so frequently, sadly.

For magical people, accessing the otherworlds is an absolute 101 of all real magic - and practice makes perfect. 

For more information on the Otherworlds and the many things you can do there, see Infinite Creativity by Silvia Hartmann.

See here for an introduction to Project Sanctuary and some practice pieces.

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