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Magic Ritual: Green Comet Transformation - Change Ritual

Magic Ritual: Green Comet Transformation - Change Ritual

I've been asked for a ritual to be used tonight, February 24th, 2009, to make use of the magical alignments of the Green Comet, the New Moon, to help with transformation and change. It occurred to me that lots of people won't see this in time so I have added some elements so you can do this energy magic transformation ritual at any time, Green Comet or no Green Comet. I

f you're lucky enough to have arrived just at the right time to see this and to be able to do this tonight, it's gonna be pretty special - supercharged, you might say.


The Green Comet Is Coming Tonight!

You can see this comet tonight with binoculars near to Saturn. It is very mystical and makes a wonderful time for a special ritual, to get new ideas, thinking outside the box, heralding changes, and bringing massive potential that was never before.

You don't need to do much with it, because it IS happening either way, but you can choose to align with it and say, "Yes, let's go!" and get extra forward momentum for any changes you want to make in your life. Combined with the New Moon, which is always the time to plant seeds and start new things, is pretty special!


Energy Magic Change Ritual:

(Green Comet Transformation Ritual)

Do as much or as little physical preparation as you feel necessary.

I personally like to light a candle.

For this ritual, it is best done outdoors under the light of Green Comet; but if you missed it, you can evoke that essence at any time, in any place.

1. Create a small circle of stones, or candles, or crystals, or mark it out in any way you choose, including marking it with intention only. You will not enter this circle but place something inside of it; so about a meter across would do (3 feet approx).

2. Decide what you want to change into what.

For example, let's say we want to change "my misery" into "my happiness".

* You can change failure into success, bad luck into good luck, ugliness into beauty, hatred into love - whatever you want!

3. Create an energy form that represents the before, and the after.

In this example, "my misery" appears as an old toothless angry woman in raggedy shrouds, doubled over and still waving an angry stick at everything.

"My happiness" represents as a young child who is totally delighted with everything, barefoot, free, dancing and smiling, with stars in her eyes and stars in her hair.

4. Place the unwanted energy form into the circle. Have it be real. FEED IT with all your misery energy, all the examples of misery, FEED IT WITH ALL YOUR MISERY so it becomes very real, very steady, very powerfully resonant and strong (don't worry, the circle will contain it!).

5. Now call upon the power of the Green Comet to assist you in transforming that energy form. SEE HEAR FEEL EXPERIENCE the green rays pouring down onto the circle, and as they do, the angry misery form melts away and the starry happiness form comes into being.

6. Let the green rays continue to pour down until the starry happiness form is fully established, has come to life and is POWERFULLY RESONANT.

7. Thank the Green Comet and let the green light extinguish.

8. Now hold out your arms wide open and welcome the new energy form you have created. Take a moment to enjoy.


10. Dance with the energy form, hold it close and draw it into your heart. BECOME ONE WITH THE NEW ENERGY FORM.

The ritual is now officially complete.

You can continue to dance and celebrate if you wish, get a drink, make a toast or simply sit for a while and enjoy what you have just done.



SFX February 2009

Missed the Green Comet?

Don't worry.

You can call in green transformation energy at any time.

You can also choose to use different energies to help you transform one thing into the other - for example angel light, light from your favourite god/goddess/prophet, THE light in general (recommended).

For more advanced energy magicians, you'll know what energy type/color you want to use so use that of course.

Green Comet Transformation


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