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Magic Potion Ingredient - Valentine Water

Magic Potion Ingredient - Valentine Water

Here is something straight from my personal Book of Shadows - Valentine Water for potion making throughout the year and many other uses.

This is also a basic pattern you can use for capturing all manner of energies for use in potions and storing them for future use, so you don't have to wait for Valentine's day to come around again to use this idea.



Valentine Water

Valentine Water

Valentine's day 2007 - and it is raining cats and dogs. Which is a particular good time to capture rain water for ceremonies, rituals and holy water purposes if you do magic.

As I am going out into the garden to place a large crystal glass bowl on the grass to capture the water, it occurred to me that because of the date and time, and the general energy put out by all the humans who are preparing for their Valentine's celebrations, opening their cards, buying their flowers and confirming their restaurant bookings and looking forward to a very special romantic evening of re-affirming love, that this was a rather unusual water capture with a distinctly different flavour from an ordinary day.

"Ha!" I thought. "Valentine water! Hm, how interesting ..."

It rained hard all day and the bowl contained a lot of water when I went to fetch it back inside late in the evening. Normally I use this rain water pretty much straight away for clearing things, blessing things, potions and such but on this occasion, I thought I would like to preserve the special Valentine Water for future use.

Now you can't leave rain water around for any length of time without it going stale and unfortunate and there was a lot, so eventually it occurred to me to freeze it into ice cubes. That way it would indeed stay fresh, preserve the energy and a little could be used at a time - a hundred and one uses, from adding a few ice cubes into a bath for that romantic flavour, to placing it into a cocktail and serving it to an unsuspecting person, the possibilities were pretty limitless :-)

As I started to search for an ice cube dish, my glance fell on my box of Valentine's chocolates, received earlier that day.


Chocolate boxes come with handy plastic trays of many interesting shapes, and in this case including squares, stars, rounds and hearts. The perfect ice cube making device!

So I took out the chocolates and put them into a nice dish instead, filled the empty plastic chocolate box with the rain water and placed it into the freezer. This produced within an hour some very interestingly shaped Valentine Water ice pieces, which I then took out and put into a bag in the freezer.

Two were used not much after that for drinks with dinner :-) and that was very nice indeed.

And I still have a bag full of ready made romance enhancing Valentine water tucked away in my freezer, awaiting the many opportunities to add a dash of romance to an event, a day, a ritual, or a potion.

Notes: This was of course a lucky accident where three things all came together nicely - Valentine's day, rain and that I should be collecting water on that day.

The principle itself can be used in other ways. For example, Solstice water, even if it doesn't rain or snow, can be made by placing previous cleared water in a ritual vessel outside and let it be charged by being there quite easily.

In that way, any special day, night or time (to you, astrologically, societally etc) can be imprinted, frozen and then used at a later date.

This principle can also be extended to locations (like going to the sea and letting drinking water be imprinted with the "ocean vibe", or taking water to be imprinted by holy places, special places, holiday places etc.). Should you really get into that for potion making, do remember to label your ice cubes correctly :-)

The idea of using the chocolate box insert to make the shapes of the ice cubes can also be extended into all sorts of different directions. There are many things that are packaged into interesting shapes, and there is also the possibility to make your own moulds, such as pyramid shapes which are held to be very special, globes, animal shapes and all sorts which will all help imprint the water.

A very nice "gift from the universe" for me today, this pattern was - so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the powers that be for sending it to me.


February 14th, 2007

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