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Magic Moon Phases

Magic Moon Phases

Here you can find the phases of the moon, which is useful to know about when casting spells, doing rituals or generally engaging in magic. Two online moon phase calculators, lunar phase chart and some tips on magic moon phases like what to do on a full moon, waxing moon, waning moon, dark moon, new moon.


Magic Moon Phases

Moon Phases & Magic


New Moon


New moon, new beginnings. Calling in new ideas, abilities, blessing new projects, "planting seeds". A very good time also for wishes and desires. If you are looking for a new love, now is the time to cast the spell.

Waxing Moon

This is a powerful and steadily strengthening time and best to lend extra strength to endeavours and spells that are already under way. Love spells which strenghthen what is already there are very powerful under a waxing (growing) moon. Also spells for enhancing prosperity, luck, and existing abilities.

Full Moon

Full moon magic power, for major rituals of all kinds, including healing and manifestation. Perfect for group work, as well as working with groups as the full moon "binds all". Full moon is also a good time to bless and charge objects, crystals, water, instruments and ingredients with extra moon power.

Waning Moon

The waning moon lends strength to spells and rituals which seek to remove, reduce or take away. Banishing and binding spells are good during the waning moon. Use the waning moon to remove negativity, stale energies, intruders and to put things into their right places and perspective.

Dark Moon

The dark moon is the perfect time for magic of the self, including communicating with spirits, finding goals, meditation on life purpose, and personal recovery. The dark moon illuminates the present, past and future in a particular way, making it easier to perceive great patterns and wisdom.

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