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Magic Messenger Bird by Silvia Hartmann

A truly delightful little vision came to me, of a young lady standing at the window of a high tower overlooking all the land at sunset, with a white messenger bird on her hand.

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Magic Messenger Bird -

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by StarFields

I do like the magic spells.

I really do.

Saturday again, magic spells day.

And today's request that caught my eye was this one:

karen wrote:

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Sender's Name: karen
Message: I am desperate to move. I desperately need my own place to live, my own space!I feel only a spell will work for me now, but I\'ve never done one before.

Now what I found interesting here was that Karen had never done a spell before, but was driven by desperation (as many people are!) to turn to magic when the conscious mind just can't see any way out any longer.

This is not a stupid thing to do, but indeed, a very wise one.

It also shows that Karen has hope left, and believes on some level in the POSSIBILITY of the intervention of otherworldly things - else she would not have asked at all, and just sat there, thinking, "I shall never get a new place to live ..." whilst sinking further and further into helplessness, victimhood and depression.

I see the function of the spells I advise to people as being always at least twofold.

1. Make something happen magically;


2. Calm down, teach, comfort, evolve the spell caster.

We've all had moments where a simple thing like getting a new flat seemed totally IMPOSSIBLE or beyond us; we know what that's like.

We on this list all know further that getting terribly stressed out doesn't do a thing to engage your innate resources, your cleverness, and also synchronicity which can come to help you out if you spot it and act accordingly.

So bearing all of that in mind, I asked for something to come to me to aid Karen and that would work for her as a total beginner on as many levels as possible, and a truly delightful little vision came to me, of a young lady standing at the window of a high tower overlooking all the land at sunset, with a white messenger bird on her hand.

She may be confined in the tower, but the bird is free to fly and give messages, engage the help of others outside and find out new things on her behalf.

It was clear and beautiful, underlayed with a sweet version of the German folk song which gives this article its title and so I sent it to Karen (see below).

The mini-vision, the archetype and the whole thing is such a perfect package, it is very structural, very basic and very natural to people it seems to me.

The messenger bird in and of itself is a fabulous magical device across the ages in and of itself; so I'm very glad to share this pattern and idea with you, and perhaps you might find a use for this in your own world, in your own way.


Hi Karen.

If you've never done a spell, try this.

When you're ready, perhaps when night falls, at dusk, sit by a window.

Hold your hand flat before you and imagine that there is a white bird sitting on it.

Really focus and make it as real as you can.

When the white bird is as real as you can make it, say to it,

"Find me a place to live.
Be my messenger.
Lead me to my own place to live.
This is my will."

Then then raise the hand and let the bird fly away.

Watch it go until you can't see it anymore and the spell is done.

Wishing you good fortune and good luck, always,



Β© SFX 2006

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