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Magic Dance Of The Fat Woman

Magic Dance Of The Fat Woman

Here is a metaphoric Native American trance dance for Fat Women - The Dance of the Fat Women.

Full length trance dance experience - let the Medicine Man lead you in a magic dance of change, freedom and beauty.


  • The Dance of the Fat Woman is a magic dance for *fat* *women* - if you're not a fat woman, this could do strange things for which nobody is going to take responsibility!
  • This is not for listening - it is for *dancing* (which involves getting up and moving the body around in time and space!)
  • The Dance of the Fat Woman is best listened to loud on quality equipment or with quality headphones.
  • The more effort you put into it from your end, and the more you allow yourself to get into it, the more fun you'll have with this.
  • This dance is designed to be used with EMO energy work. Energy Dancing instructions below.


Medicine Man - Dance Of The Fat Women

Dance Of The Fat Woman


Here are some basic instructions on how to do EMO Energy Dancing. Replace the word "stress" with "painful emotional feelings about being fat, and a woman" for this dance as and when they occur or arise in response to the energies raised during the dance.


The EMO Energy Dancing Exercise

Energy dancing with EMO is a fabulous experience and it can be used for self help especially, with the music providing the focus and the rhythms providing additional energy input.

Your EMO partner in Energy Dancing is your own body.

You can use music that strongly evokes an emotional response, such as โ€œthis song always makes me cry because it reminds me of ...โ€ and we also have special Energy Dancing programs to work with various emotional problems now.

For this exercise, we are simply going to focus on something that is a big emotional stressor in your life right now, and you can feel this in your body.

  1. Pick some music to help you de-stress, something with a good, strong beat and a powerful rhythm that will help you move and let the energy flow.

  2. Where do you feel the most stress in your body? Show yourself with your hands.

  3. Now start to move and sway a little with the beat of the music and let your spine find the right movements to help flow more energy to that place of stress.

  4. Move your hips and your legs to help improve the energy flow. Pay attention how the movement is helping with the energy flow through your body and how that feels.

  5. Move your feet and toes, your knees as well to help with the energy flow.

  6. Now, start moving your head, neck and shoulders, your arms and your fingers too, your face, your eyebrows, your eyes, your mouth and tongue, even your nose until all of you is dancing, all of you is helping that place where you feel your stress the most.

  7. Breathe deeply and enjoy as you get into it and the energy in your body flows faster and faster, and you are feeling more and more sparkly, electric and alive.

  8. When the music ends, jump up and give yourself a round of applause - you've just had your first experience of EMO Energy Dancing!

Once you can do the basics of energy dancing, you can use it in many different ways, and at any time there is music.

One gentleman told us of driving home late at night, being very tired and stressed, worrying about the safety of his driving when it occurred to him to put the radio on and use the music to relieve and release all the many stress feelings and feelings of tiredness, one after the other. The tiredness went away as โ€œif by magic,โ€ he felt energized, fresh and drove home swiftly and confidently, helped along by the music. He reports that by the time he got home, he had plenty of energy to really great his wife and they had a wonderful night together.

I had a personal experience of teaching a training in a hot country - incredibly hot, over 45' centigrade, and now it was late and I was so exhausted, I wanted to cry. On the way back to the hotel, I stopped off at a street cafe' just to rest and because I couldn't take another step; there, some quite terrible music was blaring through tinny speakers into the night. As I'd taught EMO Energy Dancing to the group earlier in the day, it came to my mind; could this work here, with this appalling music? And indeed it did. I just moved lightly on my bar stool, soften and flowed, and not five minutes later I was sparkling and had an excellent evening followed by a superb night's sleep as well.

Another lady told of a transformational experience she had at a New Year's Eve party, shortly after her EMO practitioner training. She was โ€œmade to danceโ€ by her partner and became aware of many painful sensations in her body - about not being young enough to dance in public any longer, about making a fool of herself, about moving too sexually and not age appropriate, about her clothes not being good enough, about being embarrassed and ashamed and generally, feeling thoroughly unhappy and ill at ease in this situation.

She used the rhythm of the music, her body movements and deliberate EMO right there on the dance floor to โ€œdance outโ€ all her pain and misery, and by the time the clock struck midnight, she was glowing, having the time of her life and โ€œwas kissed by many more than I've ever experienced before!โ€

Excerpt from "EMO: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love"

Based on EMO Energy Dancing

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