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Magic Box - How To Make A Magic Box

Magic Box - How To Make A Magic Box

Among the many lovely things we can create to help us do good magic is the MAGIC BOX. Here's how to make and use an energy magic box.

What is a "Magic Box"?

A magic box is a box that transforms any object you have placed inside.


How do you make a Magic Box?

You start out with a plain box, and add energy and intention to it by painting, drawing, inlaying, burning or printing energy magic symbols on them.

This changes the energy of the box.

When you put an object inside, the box changes the energy of the object.


What kind of magic symbols can you put on the magic box?

This depends on what you want your magic box to do.

A really simple example is a Magic Love Box.

Magic Box with Heart Symbols For Love

Everyone and every thing can do with more love, and the little heart symbol works great for this.

You can fine tune your symbols with colours.

Magic Heart Symbol Pink

Pink hearts - young love, romantic love.

Magic Heart Symbol Red

Red hearts - sexual/passionate love.

Magic Heart Symbol Gold

Gold hearts - heart of gold, love energy.

Magic Heart Symbol White

White hearts - angelic energy, spiritual love, unconditional love.


Sparkling Magic Box with Energy Symbols 

The Energy Symbols Magic Box

If you own Magic, Spells & Potions The Book, you can use the Energy Symbols. I made this Magic Box recently for my personal use.


Magic Box with Magic Symbols

The Magic Symbol Magic Box

I think of magic as sprinkling  fairy dust on everything. Covering a box in the Magic symbol, the spiral, will increase the magic and do magical things.


Magic Box with Money Symbols

A Magic Money Box

Putting the symbol for your country's currency on the box to denote MONEY ENERGY makes a Magic Money Box.


There is a universe of symbols you can use. Just make sure they work well together and do not put on too many different ones. Make more than one box instead!


What To Put Into Your Magic Box

Charms, objects & artefacts - anything that needs more love, magic or to be charged with positive energy and that will fit into your magic box.

You can turn stones into love stones, a pendant into a love charm, a ring into a love infused object, a pen into a magic pen (which helps with exams, for example, or writing poetry, or writing spells, or drawing symbols), a brush into a magic brush, a scarf into a magic scarf, and so on and so forth. The variations are endless.


Magic Box Wishes Example

Wishes, Wants & Needs

You can write wishes, wants and needs onto pieces of paper and put them into the magic box so that the powers that be can know you want them to start working on them.

Every so often, go through them and remove the ones that are done.


Blessings & Distance Healing

Putting photographs or the names of loved ones on pieces of paper, or small dolls representing a person into the Magic Box for healing, blessings, and ongoing loving support.


Problem Solving

Write problems you want solved onto pieces of paper and put them into your Magic Box. This also works with worries and concerns for yourself and others. The Magic Box functions like the traditional worry dolls.

Again, go through these quite regularly to remove the ones that are done.


Cleaning Dubious Objects

Magic Boxes are great energy washing machines to remove chaotic/negative imprints from material objects and turning cursed objects into blessed, fresh, lovely energy objects instead.


Charging Crystals

Charging stones and crystals is easy and powerful when you've got a good Magic Box. You can also charge salt and sugar crystals to sprinkle positive energy on your donats or breakfast eggs.


Magic Boxes are great fun to make and are a good beginners' exercise in energy magic.

Go for simple, powerful, cohesive symbols to keep the energy of your Magic Box strong.


Make many different types, experiment and find your own ways to create brilliant Magic Boxes!


With love from


June 2018




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