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Magic Blanket - The Blanket Of My Dreams

Magic Blanket - The Blanket Of My Dreams

How to make a real magic blanket that will protect, heal and comfort you while you sleep.

Magic Blanket sparkling with gold stars

My Magic Blanket - "Blanket of my Dreams"


Making a Magic Blanket is easy. We use our God given ability to change the energy of a physical object by naming it, and strengthening its positive energy field, and that works for all objects, not just magic blankets!

Here's how to make your very own magic blanket, step by step.

1. Find, make, purchase a blanket that you really like, that really appeals to you. The more you love it, the better it will work for you!

2. Take it home and hang it outside so it can get some fresh air and sunshine, to get the cooties out, if any.

3. Sit with your blanket and now, give it a unique name. My blanket is called, "The blanket of my dreams," and I think of it like that, call it that, and everyone else in the household also knows that this is "Silvia's blanket of her dreams."

4. Hold the blanket to your heart and close your eyes.

5. Tell your blanket what you want it to do for you. Very important! "Dear blanket of my dreams, you will protect me while I sleep, support my energy body, and create a lovely field of deep healing around me so I can sleep in safety and dream wonderful dreams!"

6. Snuggle and stroke your new magic blanket until you can feel it has absorbed the right energy from you - now it's ready to use.

7. For a while, stroke and remind your new magic blanket of its purpose in your life, before you use it. You will find that the effects of the magic blanket get more and more powerful over time.

I strongly recommend you make your magic blanket right now, so when there is emotional upset or illness, your magic blanket is "ready to go" and really help you out in a moment of crisis.



Some notes:


You can make protective and healing magic blankets for other people. Many people make quilts or knit blankets with that intention but it's unconscious. When we add conscious will to this and make conscious set ups, the energy effects are much more powerful.

You can make literally infinite magic objects using the same pattern. I have a "spotted cup of happiness" and a "golden chalice of success," among many other things. A magic pen to write magic words, a magic paint brush to make magic paintings - really, it's infinite and good practice to have helpful energy objects in your home.

The magic blanket is something I would never want to live without. It's absolutely wonderful and really works like a charm, it's such a wonderful thing to have, I highly recommend it.

Who needs a magic blanket for protection and healing while they sleep ..?

Please do share this with friends, family, children - I believe that EVERYONE needs their own special magic blanket, no matter how old they are, because being loved and protected by a magic blanket is a full on human thing that helps us through our nights.


Silvia Hartmann

June 2019

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