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We use the word magic a lot - not magick, but REAL magic. What do we mean by that?

Magic Article

What We Mean By "Magic"

by Silvia Hartmann


What do we mean by MAGIC ..?

Firstly, we mean magic. Much as some people mean magick, only that I have decided I won't leave that very magical word to the people with the card tricks who have truly made a sham of its usage. I won't be driven out into a small corner esoteric re-spelling of the word but indeed, choose to simply reclaim it and define magic as follows.

Magic is when something happens that is OTHER THAN building a brick wall with bricks, cement, the operating instructions on a sheet.

It is something that is BEYOND the ordinary root digging endeavours and that is why it appears magical to those who can't look any further than the gold coin in front of their noses.

But magic isn't spooky.

Quite in the contrary.

Only when magic is allowed to re-enter the world of the living does the world slowly begin to make any sense at all.

It is the science of those realm that TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY EXIST WITHIN CREATION but have been just as totally and absolutely ignored, and misunderstood, by a great many very, very stupid people over the last few hundred thousand years or so.

So here is my personal definition of "magic".

The Creative Order created the universe. It is the ultimate force in the universe and to study the Creative Order and its unbearably wonderful ways is THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE HUMAN ENDEAVOUR.

The Creative Order is totally logical and totally sensible in all ways. It just sometimes seems chaotic to those who don't understand how it works just yet.

There is much, much more to the workings of the Creative Order than any living human being (and including all dead human prophets!) can ever understand. It is vast, immense, immortal and immutable and if it could laugh, it probably would at the megalomania of men.

However, we can try and study it. We can try and understand it, try and BE TAUGHT BY THE EXAMPLES OF THE CREATIVE ORDER that we actually are and which of course exist all around us, all the time.

That study or exploration or homecoming I call "magic".

It is simply so that if you KNOW that the Nile will flood its banks at regular intervals, the people who DON'T KNOW THAT and are constantly surprised that it is happening again think you to be a "magician".

And indeed, you are.

Much like a pigeon, really, who can detect a power line from 30 miles away is a magician to those people who can't.

The Creative Order is magical in nature, and the more we understand it, re-learn to move with it and basically stop fighting the one true order of the Universe, the better life becomes, the easier all manner of things become very practically and the happier the life you lead.

It is simple and has nothing to do with reward or punishment, other than in the sense that if you stop bashing your head against rocks, eventually you will find that your headaches recede in a very simple cause-and-effect.

The Creative Order gave birth to each one of us very personally, and us as humans with consciousness in particular.

The creative order doesn't make mistakes.

Only human beings do.

When we stop aligning ourselves with the faulty learnings of humanity and strike out on our own and take as our teacher the creative order and our own selves instead, that is when we start to actually work with true magic. That is when the "powers that be" get very nervous, because they are about to lose control of such individuals forever and that's why there is so much utter nonsense and so many scary old wife's tails (!) attached to the topic.

I don't believe in black or white magic, only pure magic. Pure, true clear magic that does nothing but celebrate the splendour of the creative order and seeks to celebrate it in every way.

You can't make pure magic when you are terrified of your own dark side, or your head is full of half lies and chinese whispers of the past.

You can't make pure magic from a place of anger and injury, or from a place of need and desperation.

All of that has got to go first for it lies in between ourselves and the wonders of the creative order, our own true parentage, our only real home and hearth. So there is a strong component of "preparation and healing" as we each begin to get ready for the high energies of the creative order that you simply cannot handle without burning to cinder if your channels are still a Gordian knot of fear, terror and unresolved injuries.

The closer you get to the high energies of the creative order, the more your power to create true magic grows. The more magical you become in every way. The further away, the more the same energies if called upon will burn you, hurt you and create havoc in your life. It's all very simple and very logical, very cause-and-effect.

And indeed, in my estimation there is no holier endeavour, no truer effort nor more extreme rewards than to engage in the study of the creative order, and to begin to re-learn the lessons of true magic which were our birthright and given to us just as a standard by the Creative Order itself.

The Creative Order did not give us legs so we would crawl on the ground. It did not give us eyes so we would shut them to the pure beauty of its existence. It did not give us a heart so that we would be stones and never sing or cry and it did NOT give us the minds we have so that we don't do anything with them but churn out rotely repeated nonsense all our lives.

We are more than that. Much, much more.

Magic awaits.

All of it, all the time, everywhere.

Let's see if we can't go and meet it half way.

© Silvia Hartmann 2004


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