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Magic Article EmoTrance Energy Magic Spells And Potions Exercise - Spell For Happiness by Silvia Hartmann

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Spells & Potions Exercise - Happiness Spell

by Silvia Hartmann

*This article was first posted to EmoTrance2 Newsgroup


I have a website called Magic Spells & Potions, and this website has a contact form to "submit your spell".

Now usually, we get teenagers who have watched too much Charmed being silly, but once in a while something interesting comes along.

Have a look at this submission for a "happiness spell":

Hey! You got a new submission for your site. ========================================================

Potion Of Happiness

Are u or anyone u know feeling down or depressed? this is the exact spell for u, but be warned that it is very strong!!!! (No moon phase needed)

Honey (about one tablespoon per cup)
Black grape juice(optional, two teaspoons per cup)
Sugarcane juice (optional, one teaspoon)

Memo: The more sweeter the juice the more happier you’ll get

1. Put one tablespoon of honey into any sort of bottle.
2. Pour one cup of water into the bottle.
3. Close the lid tightly and shake the bottle briskly.
4.(optional) Add two teaspoons of black grape juice
5.(optional) Close lid again and shake the bottle softly.
6.(optional) Add one teaspoon of sugarcane juice.
7.(optional) Repeat procedure 5.
8. Refrigerate the mixture for at least 30 minutes.
9. Open the lid of the mixture and say these words:
‘Oh hail thee happiness within divine,
Make the happiness within thee come out of the hidden shadows
of the black heart within.
Brighten thee heart and widen thee smile.
Love all and sadness none
With one sip
and twice, uplift
Let thy heart shine.
Oh hail thee happiness within divine.’
10. Let it refrigerate for the rest of the day.
11. When the person is going to drink it, they should take two small sips and think only of the sweetness or something they really want is in their possession.
A Visitor

Alright, so this is the spell the "A Visitor" submitted, designed to procure happiness "the magical way".

How did you feel when you read about the ingredients?

Good or bad response?

Did you find the ingredients attractive each by themselves, and what about in cocktail combination?

What about the mixing procedure? Does that seem right to you, did it make sense?

And what about the "spell" part, the statement of intent to bring about a change, which is the heart of all magic, with a c or ck, it matters not?

Did those words resonate with you? Where and how did you feel them? Did they work for you?

Lastly, the "procedure" or prescription.

How is that? Often enough? Correct procedure?

Do you feel that this will work, some, a bit, not at all, could be counterproductive?

This is in essence what I do when I "evaluate" a spell.

I do this not on a personal basis, but as though I was evaluating it for a group, like you would get in a workshop, that contains many different people, men and women, different religions and races, upbringings, aims and plans, ages and so forth.

But that is an aside.

The exercise I would like you to consider is to each, make YOUR OWN magic happiness spell and potion.

Take the above, which is a classic format, as a guide.

Consider what the ingredients for YOUR OWN magic potion would be - what would you put in it if it *isn't* black grape juice and sugar molasses?

How would you mix these ingredients, how would you store them and how would you prescribe them?

Finally, what spell would you say in conjunction with the potion, so that it would really work "like a charm" and procure a real sense of happiness with knock on effects of the outside world responding by sending luck, opportunity and love your way, as is the case for really happy people, as a bye the bye?

When you're all done, go back and CHECK the spell and potion, just like you did with this one here, for any incongruencies or indications that it might need some adjustment, and until you know it will really work.

The last thing that remains is to deal with any freakout you might feel at the idea of actually MAKING, and then USING, a *magic spell and potion* to CHANGE YOUR REALITY.

Where do you feel that in your body? Soften, and flow.

Then you're ready to actually really have a go - and make a MEDICINE for you, that is absolutely custom made, that is a complete revelation in every part of the process, teaches you so many things about yourself and the essences of the things around us - and can actually procure happiness, for real!

A very neat exercise, and an excellent practice piece for improving energy awareness and the essential reading of energetic realities directly, first hand - and that's Energy Magic!

A handful of fairy dust for all your potions :-)


© Silvia Hartmann 2006


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