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Magic Art

Magic Art

What is Magic Art? In a nutshell, it is ART WITH A PURPOSE. You create an art object or artefact that is not merely for decoration, but has a magical purpose - for example, to bring happiness or prosperity to the space it inhabits.

We have an entire website dedicated to Magic Art, which is what Modern Energy Art is in essence.

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Start with Magic Art

1. Get your materials ready. Pen and paper, colours and canvas, etc.

2. Make the Set Up in the Heart Position: "I am creating a work of art that will (bring more love into my life, make my family richer, heal Aunt Mary etc. etc.)"

3. Get started! What is my first colour? Where does it need to go? What is the next colour/shape? Where does that need to go? Continue until your work of magic art is complete.

4. When your work of magic art is finished, sign it to seal it and take it where it needs to be in order to do what it was created to do.

There is power in simplicity. Enjoy creating wonderful, powerful works of energy magic art!



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