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Silvia's Magic Energy Art Eggsercise :-)

Silvia's Magic Energy Art Eggsercise :-)

So here we have the Magic Eggsercise - an egg, Art Solutions style, to empower a project or a goal. The egg is of course, a super-metaphor and works particularly well with the topic of projects and goals that have begun but have not yet "hatched" fully. 

A lovely energy art exercise that combines conscious attention, art - and magic :-)

Created Easter 2016 for the Energy Art group

Magic Egg Art Exercise pictures and instructions



Silvia’s Magic Energy Art Eggsercise

1. Think about something that you want to make happen.
When you got an inspiring goal, draw an empty egg.

2. Draw the Art Solutions Energy Power Lines.

3. Colour in the egg.

4. (Optional) Post your completed egg to Art4Energists for other energists to help energize your egg.

5. Hang up the picture of your egg in a power place in your home until your egg has hatched - your goal has been accomplished.

Created for the Energy Art Group Art4Energists
by Silvia Hartmann, March 2016


Don't know about Art Solutions or Energy Art Symbol Paintings? Click to learn more here. 



In order to create this meme/article/eggsercise I had to make an egg of my own. So here it is:


Magic Egg by Silvia Hartmann

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