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Simple Luck Potion For Beginners

Simple Luck Potion For Beginners

Annabel writes: Can you recommend a really simple magic potion for luck that a beginner can do?

I could sure do with a bit of extra luck in my life right now!

Hi Annabel,

A really simple luck potion raises your energy towards the lighter end of the spectrum. Lemon juice and sugar, one table spoon of each in a small glass of water, add a quartz crystal to catalyse and activate in sunshine for about ten minutes. Oh and for beginners it helps to put a piece of paper under the glass with "Luck Potion for Annabel!!!" written on it.

You need to drink it all in one go (don't drink the crystal, obviously!).

Depending on the person, it lasts for about a week. Top up if you need to. And wearing something yellow helps as well.

Good luck with the good luck potion :-)


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