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Love Spell, Love Charm, Love Talisman, Love Jewelry!

Love Spell, Love Charm, Love Talisman, Love Jewelry!

Here is a very simple basic recipe for a love spell talisman that you can have incredible fun with on many different levels.

It's a very powerful and very real process and spell format that is great for beginners, for kids, and no matter how advanced you already are, you can add your own levels and layers to this and get so much out of it, it is amazing.

Simple, everyday ingredients and a real multi-level exercise in real magic, at that - one of my all time favourites!

Love Spell Talisman

Something old, something new - this spell has it all and then some!

Please do feel free to add your own UNIQUE AND INDIVIDUAL twists to this - especially when you're making a love talisman, it is essential and makes it so much more powerful in every way.

Love Spell - Know Thy Purpose! - Making The Love Spell Talisman - Salt Dough Recipe - Love Spell Ingredients - Kneading The Dough - Shaping The Love Spell Talisman - Curing The Talisman - Decorating the Love Spell Talisman

1. Love Spell - Know Thy Purpose!

The first and most important thing is that you should be absolutely CLEAR IN YOUR MIND what it is that you want this love spell/love talisman to do for you.

This is a rule about all magic, about all spells - if you are confused, unsure, nebulous, indecisive in the set up, you are going to get confused, nebulous results or none at all.

So before you even start, sit yourself down and THINK about what it is that you want.

If there's a particular person you are aiming at, what do you want to have happen? Be really specific. Write it down. Lay it out and be congruent.

"I want David to become fascinated with me. I want him to take notice of me and fall in love with me more and more. We will be in love together, and both of us will treasure one another, be excited about one another, and good for one another in every way."


"I want all sorts of different men to become attracted to me so I have a choice of potential lovers and an exciting time all around."


"I want to attract a very special man who I don't know yet who that is, but who will be good for me, and bring light into my life in a whole new way. I want to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with this man and when it is complete, we will part as good friends and in deep love."


"I want my boyfriend to stop being scared of the commitment and to see that my heart is pure, that I will be good for him, and ask me to marry him within the next 3 weeks."

  • I can't stress enough how important it is to be REALLY CLEAR in your head AND in your heart of what you want.
  • Think about it and refine it until you have a steady, resonant vision that describes the essence of what you want exactly.
  • It is this vision that powers all magic, and that is true.

This vision has power, it has resonance, it has colour, it has a feel, it has an ESSENCE.

Things that match your vision will help strengthen it and bring it about; things that do not match your vision will weaken it, and it is as simple as that.

For this example, I am going to use a general "Bring more romance into my life!" version of events - the vision is of me, being in love and delighted, and all the details are left open for the universe.

This is my vision, this is what I hold steady all the way through every step of making this spell love talisman, full focus, full power.


2. Making The Actual Love Spell Talisman


a) Salt Dough Recipe

Now to make the base for our love spell talisman.

We are going to use salt dough, which is as ancient as the hills and has been used for poppet making, charm making and magical jewelry making for hundreds of thousands of years. Thus, it brings with it an enormous powerfield of the ages right from the start and that's already amazing in and of itself.

Salt Dough Recipe:

One cup of fine salt
One cup of wheat flour
About half a cup of water.

Now the thing to remember is that we're not cooking Sunday dinner here, and to keep our focus on the magical properties and meanings at all times.

So we begin with a special bowl in which these ingredients will be mixed, and which you might bless before you start.

We put in the salt first, for salt is the base of purification, protection and blessing. Let it run slowly into the bowl from your own hands and focus on your vision as you do so that it is purified, protected and blessed by the salt and that the SPIRIT is true, powerful and harmonious.

Now, we add the flour. The flour is the fruit of the EARTH, it comes from the grain which has nourished people throughout the generations and times past. It is white and innocent and it will feed your spell through its wisdom and unconditional acceptance.

Now, we mix what we've got so far and combine spirit and earth - our desire and the reality for it to manifest in.

Keep your vision steady as you do this, and remember this is a ritual.

As you stir, say,

Spirit and earth
desire and reality
align to my vision
my will be done.

Now, add the WATER.

Water is the carrier of your desire, your emotion, the life and the love inside of you. Let your desire flow with the water, and grow as you stir this into the mix and say:

Spirit, earth and water,
hear my heart, feel my desire,
power my vision
my will be done.

Repeat this in rhythmic pulses as you stir and combine the ingredients so far.

Now, get your magic paper and pen. Cut a circular shape of the magic paper and with your magic pen, write down something that contains the essence of your vision - a single word, more than one word, the name of the intended. Let it come to you and write it down.

Burn the paper in FIRE, and add the ashes to the mix.

Spirit, earth and water,
fire set alight my vision
All the elements combined
my will be done.

The base carrier is now finished. It would be the same for any kind of spell talisman you would want to make; now we are going to add the "love potion" aspects of this, one at a time.


b) Love Spell Ingredients

For my simple example, to attract more romance in general, I have added the following ingredients into the dough mix:

3 drops of essential oil of Rose
1 drop of essential oil of Frankincense
3 drops food colour red
1 drop food colour yellow
1 spoon of sugar

Give each ingredient a dedication as you add it and mix it in, for example:

Power of rose, ancient symbol of love, power of three,
strengthen my vision, make it become, my will be done.

Frankincense from the worlds beyond, bring your extra dimension,
strengthen my vision, make it become, my will be done.

Red of fire, of desire, power of three, strengthen my vision, make it
become, my will be done.

Wealth of gold, abundance untold, richness in pleasure, strengthen my
vision, make it become, my will be done.

Sweet and pure, romance in harmony, make me smile, make my day,
strengthen my vision, make it become, my will be done.

You can add other, different, further ingredients for your own personal love spell and talisman; just be sure you know what you are adding, what its purpose is and that it matches your vision perfectly in resonance and in vibration.


c. Kneading The Dough

The kneading of the dough is a very rhythmic, ritualistic thing; once again, you are calling on those multitudes across the ages who have done this before you to add radiance, power and good wishes to this endeavour.

As you are kneading the dough, keep your vision bright and focused; and know that the smoother the dough is, the more smoothly your love spell talisman will work in the end.


4. Shaping The Love Spell Talisman

In its simplest form, you can roll out the dough and cut out a round shape with a small glass.

Whilst it is still soft and workable, you can put a piece of wire into the dough so you can wear the love spell talisman as a pendant over your

If you wish, you can shape it instead into a heart shape or an oval or indeed, in any way you feel best matches your vision.

5. Marking The Love Spell Talisman

On the back, mark the talisman with your initials (or your magical name, or the initials of your magical name).

On the front, mark a symbol that is in keeping with your vision.

A spiral is always a very good symbol because it draws as well as broadcasts at the same time; I personally don't ever use pentagrams for love spells for reasons to complicated to go into here.

Other good choices are a lotus flower, or a simple star, or a circle, and of course, any one of the 23 Genius Symbols or a combination thereof.


6. Curing The Talisman

Now you want to let the love spell talisman cure - get dry and ready for painting and further decorating. Although you can bake salt dough in a very low, slow oven for some hours, for magical talisman purposes it is better to leave it in a cool place for one week. That gives it a chance to dry out naturally, settle down and all the ingredients to really start to resonate to each other.


7. Decorating the Love Spell Talisman

This is one of the best parts of the process. You could simply spray or paint the whole thing in gold and wear it quite openly; people will assume it is just a fashion accessory. Those who will ask what it is and where it came from will show you that they have a level of awareness above the general population and there is much fun to be had with that..

You can add small rhinestones, paint and decorate the talisman in any way that a) pleases you and b) resonates correctly with your vision.

Now, it is all ready for use.

Wear it with confidence and delight, and it will do its job for you - often faster and more profound than you ever thought.



April 2006


More advanced practitioners of magic can really go to town on this and add different fluids to the mix, bring in deities and construct amazing symbols for decoration and engraving and build a much greater ritual, with time/space attributions, timing and all the rest. In fact, I recommend making something like this love spell talisman again for the elders amongst us. The "magical teenager within" will wake up and much fun can be had all around!

You can make all manner of magic jewellery using this process and including making beads out of the magic mix and putting them on a piece of wire to dry, then painting them. It's a wonderful triple purpose process and thing to be engaging in.

Once your love spell talisman has fulfilled its function, dispose of it safely, by throwing it into a river, or wrapping it up and putting it in the bin. It is best not to re-use these because a future self will be different, and not to keep them around because they are like plutonium - they keep on oozing out their original purposes and can disturb the Even Flow in any environment significantly.

On that note, don't use more than one spell talisman at a time in principle. You don't want to end up like a muttering confused old witch who has fifteen crystals, eight amulets and a lot of garlic around her neck and talks to her cats! Make it, use it, dispose of it.

Love Spell - Know Thy Purpose! - Making The Love Spell Talisman - Salt Dough Recipe - Love Spell Ingredients - Kneading The Dough - Shaping The Love Spell Talisman - Curing The Talisman - Decorating the Love Spell Talisman

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