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Love & Magic - A Brief Essay About The Magic of Love, And The Use Of Love In Magic

Love & Magic - A Brief Essay About The Magic of Love, And The Use Of Love In Magic

Love & Magic - A Brief Essay About The Magic of Love, And The Use Of Love In Magic by Silvia Hartmann

Love & Magic

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A Brief Essay About The Magic of Love,

And The Use Of Love In Magic

by Silvia Hartmann


The other day, I had an interesting experience.

I was going to eat some pineapple.

I was really looking forward to it - it was a particularly tasty pineapple, fresh, ripe, delicious!

I cut it up and put the pieces in a bowl and thought to myself how much I looked forward to eating it in a moment, how good it would be for me, how healthy, how many marvellous vitamins, and the energy of tropical, sunblessed places in the very structure of this fruit, the water with the memory of the trees and the land, how I really wanted all of that, LOVED ALL OF THAT ...

And I noticed my hands becoming hot and tingly, and energy rushing into my head from above, channelling down my arms and into my palms, and through my palms into the bowl I was holding, rushing into the fruit, blessing it, activating it, making it literally GLOW with health and love and sunshine and beauty ...



It lasted for about 20, 30 seconds and when it was over I was simply amazed at what I had just done.


That might have been the first time ever that I've actually performed a TRUE BLESSING.

The energy was incredible, and the resonant, vibrant result of the pineapple in the bowl, GLOWING - and then the eating of it, just breathtaking as an experience.


I was stunned, amazed and surprised.

Here you go working with energy for all these years, and then something happens that teaches you that what you thought was good was only the beginning!

I didn't know I could do that, could feel like that, could BLESS like that, not at all.

Once I had recovered from the experience, and from eating the blessed fruit! I started to think about what had happened there.

And right from the start it was CLEAR AS GLASS to me that it was all about LOVE.

I had paid ATTENTION (the first step to love!) to the bowl of pineapple pieces and starting thinking about how much I liked it, how much I looked forward to eating it, how good and cool and delicious it was.

I had started to ADMIRE (the second step to love!) the bowl of pineapple in my hands, and then I started to love it, and as I did, THAT'S when the energy started to flow.

And then I really LOVED - for real.

That's how to do it!

I can understand why, with the best will in the world, it would be really difficult to start learning about this with people. There is too much in the way for that.

A bowl of pineapple, on the other hand, poses no threat. It's easy to love it, it is SAFE to love it completely - which is what causes this energy flow to spring into being.

* An aside: I have NOT become a pineapple addict since this moment, just in case you're now worrying! In fact, I haven't felt the urge to buy another one since then; perhaps because I haven't seen another really ripe, good looking pineapple in the shops. I'm not ADDICTED to it, not bound to it; the experience was beautiful but it did NOT enslave me in any way - just exactly as proper, unconditional love does not!

So here is the technique, the challenge - try this for yourself.

I would advise to use something you love, and perhaps not something you're going to eat afterwards (to stop any worries, fears and contortions getting in the way!).

Try a flower, or a crystal perhaps.


Look at it and start thinking about all that's good about it, what you LIKE about it.

The colour, the way the Creative Order made it so perfect, the way it feels, the way it makes you feel ...

Allow yourself to ADMIRE it more and more, until the admiration gives way to love - and the energy flow starts up.

It might not be a rushing river on your first attempt, but EVERY LITTLE TINGLE YOU GET is a step in the right direction!

I'm sure that as we practice this deliberately we are opening these channels more and more, it becomes easier and easier to "let the love flow", for the want of a better description.

A magic based on love - now that's something beautiful!

And the potential for being able to REALLY bless our food, our drink, our houses, our jewellery, our lands, our Earth, and eventually, our pets and other people too, and finally, our enemies as well, that's breathtaking.

A practical way to love and to do real magic that might just have the power to transform the world.



February 23rd, 2009


© Silvia Hartmann 2009


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