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Levitating Objects - Moving Things With Your Mind

Levitating Objects - Moving Things With Your Mind

Re: Levitate/Move things with mind.

Message: My name is Colin I am 13 and I live in Australia, I wanted to know if there where any spells that could levitate and/or move things using your mind.I Would love to know.

Thank you for your time, Sincerly, Colin


Dear Colin,

I once went to see the "world's greatest psychic" Uri Geller. It was in a small theatre in my home town so you were close up and could really see what was happening, plus they also had a great big video screen and a live camera for close up shots like for when he was sprouting seeds in his hands that came straight out of a packet.

One of the things he showed was how to move a compass needle.

Now, a compass needle is one of the smallest, lightest, easiest to move objects in all the world (!) but he strained so much doing it, he nearly burst a blood vessel. The compass needle moved by teensy amounts - but it did move, that's true.

I look at that and ask myself, "What's the point in this?"

Uri Geller has 50 years experience and was obviously born with great talent to start with, and he's putting so much effort into it, for so little result.

To me, this is an example of what magic IS NOT for.

If you want to move a physical object, you should use physical means - your hands, a hammer, tools, a bulldozer.

Magic is non-physical in nature, and should be used to move those things you CAN NOT move with a hammer or a bulldozer.

Non-physical things, in other words.

Fields of luck and fortune, or misfortune; ghosts; good and bad energies; angels and demons; spirits: attachments: fields of protection and healing.

Energy fields, in other words.

That is easy - and it's easy because you are using the right tool for the right job.

Non-magical people think that there is no such thing as an energy world which contains energy fields, energy objects, and energy beings like angels and ghosts, but they're simply wrong. They are like blind people insisting there's nothing there when there is a veritable circus going on around them they simply don't see.

There is so much you can do with magic when you start working with magic in the realms FOR WHICH IT IS THE RIGHT TOOL in the first place; just the same as you can move objects amazingly using your physical hands, because that's the right tool for THAT realm.

This doesn't mean magic isn't practical. You can do stuff with magic you simply can't do with tools, like getting people to like you, or buy you presents, or protecting yourself from people who wish you harm, or putting a healing field around a sick person you care for, or getting answers to questions and solutions to problems that are unique and come from a higher place.

You just need to learn to sort out in your head what you want, and what the most direct route to get what you want is - is this a magic problem, or is it a physical problem?

Sometimes it is both, and then you have spells and rituals which have physical components involved as well.

If you really want to move things with your mind, then you can by all means do what Uri Geller did, get a compass and try and move the needle by making an energy form (like an energy hand) and have that energy form push on the compass needle.

You can practice that until you get good at it - but that's no more than a party trick and it really doesn't help much in every day life.

I suggest you look at some of the energy magic exercises we have, such as making a charm bracelet, learning to imprint objects, practicing your Sanctuary mind skills and such if you really want to learn REAL magic. Which is about non-physical things, and how to move those.

Wishing you all the best,


PS - Levitation. Conscious out of body travel is the actual, working, practical energy magic equivalent of the concept of levitation; where your astral body learns to step away from the physical body which is left behind whilst the astral body is free to explore all of time and space, and levitation is entirely natural as a part of this process.

It may be possible to get so good at it that the astral body becomes strong enough to "lift" the physical body; but either way, it starts with out of body levitation and the astral body in the first place.

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