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Lemon Magic - The 3 Best Lemon Magic Spells & Potions

Lemon Magic - The 3 Best Lemon Magic Spells & Potions

Lemon has kick ass bright and beautiful energy and is an absolutely brilliant ingredient for endless spells and potions. Lemon is also available easily, just about everywhere, in many different forms, from fresh lemon to powdered lemon, lemonade, lemon essential oil and all of it is extremely affordable. Here are my top three Lemon Magic spells & potions.

Slices of magical lemons - can you taste them on your tongue ..???? 

You just have to think about a lemon and you can taste it in your mouth, on your tongue, scent it, and without even being anywhere near a real lemon, you have "evoked" the magical power of lemon - pure energy, pure thought, and your body responded right away!

I truly do not know what makes the humble lemon so immensely active and powerful, they just are, and this being so, we can use them to bring beautiful, fresh and very POWERFUL charge to any magical endeavour you might like to think of.

Lemons are completely and absolutely POSITIVE in nature. They cut through bullshit, lemons will disinfect both practically as well as energetically, drive away misery, drive out cooties of all kinds, and bring bright fresh energy winds into places, ereas and energy bodies alike.

Where lemon goes, darkness runs away!

So the first global groups of lemons for magic is cleaning, clearing, ghost busting and refreshing anything.


Lemon magic infusing into water 

1. Magical Cleaning With Lemon Power

Do you know these poor people who are "scrubbing and scrubbing but it doesn't come off"?

They are trying to clean their skin, but what they're trying to wash away is actually on their energy body, and it will come off when we direct our attention (energy flows where attention goes!) to the right places.

Lemon really works like a charm for real energy body cleaning - just add a bit of lemon juice to your shower gel and notice the difference that makes!

It's amazing, beautiful, really re-vitalising and will help you not only become physically clean, but sparkle up your energy body, which is actually what matters the most.

You can also clean the energy of rooms by adding a little lemon to water and using this to spray around the room. If you have priceless antiques and you're worried, place a saucer of lemon juice into the room instead and leave it to evaporate, then refresh it.

Note: Artificial air freshners that are supposed to be lemon scented may contain no real lemon at all, just chemicals, and might not work as well. Trust your intuition/6th Sense.

You can also add a little fresh lemon juice (a little!) to your laundry and anywhere else you feel the energy is low or stale and needs a boost.

Magic Lemon Energy Glowing Lemon

I like using fresh lemons and fresh lemon juice for these things. The essential oil of Lemon is super concentrated and can burn holes into wood, fabrics and plastics, as well as causing allergic reactions when you overdo it. If you're going to use lemon essential oil, be careful and test before using it on your grand piano and such!


Lemon diving into water

2. Lemon For Truth Potions, Love and Light

I like to say that lemon cuts through the bullsh1t of the ages like a light sabre cuts through butter. Easily, in other words.

It's not surprising therefore that the popular combination of lemon, salt and tequila is regarded as one of the very best truth spells/potions! Works like a charm, as well.

Adding a little lemon juice to any potion will elevate it, sparkle it, and possibly counteract any mistakes or problems with any of the other ingredients.

Example: A Lemon Magic Potion To Have Your Wits About You

This is a very simple, very effective energy magic potion to kick your energy system up a notch so that you are clear, can think clearly, are not going to be befuddled or confused by people who are trying to do you harm in some way, and can act quickly and powerfully.

This is good to take before going on a first date, to a negotiation or to buy something, or any other time you really need your wits about you.

One teaspoon of lemon juice, freshly squeezed from a real life lemon preferably, one teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of suger. Add a little water (to drink down in one hit), and stir it up until everything is dissolved, whilst chanting,

Bright and fresh

calm and clear

wise and strong

I will be.

Full of light and energy

its my will, so shall it be.

Then drink the potion in one hit and take a moment to notice how this has changed the way you think and feel.

Nice one!


Q: Can I change the words and use this potion for other purposes??? Like before going to an audition?

A: Totally and absolutely! The potion provides the kick, the lightning strike, you can use this to transport other messages, for example about luck, success, star quality, depending on what you need on the day.

Q: I am diabetic :-( can I do it without the sugar?

A: Just use a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar with the teaspoon of lemon juice instead. It's about the energy and it'll work for you. A few grains of salt/sugar will get the job done.

Q: Can I use limes, oranges, instead of lemons?

A: Course you can. Just make sure you PAY ATTENTION and notice the difference in how it feels (your 6th Sense) so you get a real good SENSE of what you are doing. If you are a beginner, my tip is to start with LEMON. Then you can compare other things, including other citrus fruits. Magic is an ongoing learning experience in your own life.


3. Lemon Energy Evocations

The energy of lemon is all about clarity, cleanliness, love and light. We can evoke this in many different ways.


 Bowl of lemons - a magic energy fountain!

Real lemons!

Yes! Just have a nice bowl on a table or side board with fresh lemons. A fountain of GOOD energy that will brighten not just this room but way beyond it. Lemons are cheap. Replace them often. Thank the lemons when they're done and throw them into nature for the creatures to enjoy if you can.

Love this one. So simple, so powerful.


Beautiful sunlit lemon tree


Pictures Of Lemons

You can have pictures of lemons to brighten up dark spots around the place, and also look out for lemon themed objects such as coasters and place mats.

Silvia's magic lemon tree

Painting your own lemon energy abstract and hanging it on the wall is great energy magic practice and brights light and freshness just right for you.


A magic splash of lemon yellow in your home

Lemon Colour

Lemon colour accents - my favourite form of yellow! - also help bring the light. Cushions, scarves, lemon yellow tea cups, vases or other objects strategically placed also bring lemon magic into your world.


So that was my introduction to the joy of LEMON MAGIC!

Lemon is one of those ingredients in energy magic that have a thousand and one great positive uses.

Try out all sorts, play with it, find out more about it through personal experimentation, and make the humble lemon your marvellous, multi-purpose, light bringing, energy giving, darkness dispelling personal friend!

With blessings,

StarFields 2018




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