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Leap Year Spell For February 29th

Leap Year Spell For February 29th

We have a leap year this year and someone requested a Leap Year Spell for February 29th. This was an interesting experience and a good exercise in how to create magic spells and rituals in the first place, original spells that belong to you, that come from you and therefore, have a much better chance to work for you. So here's my leap year spell; you can use it or just use it for inspiration to create a leap year spell of your own.

Leap Year Spell

On February 29th we have a once-in-four-years opportunity to do a different kind of spell, one that is very much focused on the world of men rather than the realms of spirits and angels. A good opportunity to make your will known on that level and create a change for the better.

A well known leap year spell or leap year tradition is that "women can ask men to marry them."

Thanks a bunch ... ;->

This has led some to think that February 29th, the leap day, is somehow about role reversals or some kind of topsy turvy spell.

What is is, is that February 29th doesn't exist in the real world, in reality absolute; in fact, there is no such thing as a 24 hour day, or a February, or anything like that in the real world.

February 29th reminds us that our date system doesn't really tally with the natural movements of the heavens and so every four years, we have to "adjust" to stay with the program.

Most people take days and calendars for granted and never question this at all; this is just one of a myriad of human made systems which are not really "real" at all, they just exist in the minds of men.

Like the "law" that only men can ask women to marry them, that's not a law of nature at all, just a human arrangement in some societies.

The Leap Year Spells can give us an excellent opportunity to really think about what's real, and what is just some kind of human weirdness which has been put in place by some human, at some point, and ever since then, all the other humans of that society, sect or religion have been trampling down that path without thought, just accepting it as real when in fact, it's just a delusion.

Think about what kind of thing in your society you would like to change using your Leap Year spell opportunity.

Who does your society say you should be? What are the rules for "your kind"? What are the labels that have been stuck onto you by where you were born, or how you were born, or who your parents were, what you look like?

What is allowed for you to do or not do depending on your age?

In my society for example it is deemed to be wrong for old people to dance.

It starts at middle age when it's called "dad dancing," and there it is held to be embarrassing. This embarrassment gets worse, the older the person gets and by the time they're sixty, they're not allowed on the dance floor with the youngsters under any circumstances any longer, and if they want to dance, they have to go to special places where only old people are.

This is clearly not a law of nature; it's a societal entrainment and a stupid one at that. Dancing is a very magical activity, very enlivening and to take that away from a person is a crime.

You could also say that when the young stop dancing with the old people, something terrible happens for the whole tribe that is just as bad for the young people as it is for the old ones.

So that's an example of a stupid human rule you might want to break/challenge with your leap year spell.

  • What is your intention, your will that "will be done"?

The first step is always intention - there has to be a reason for your spell, something you feel strongly about, something that is important to you personally. This is what powers your spell above all else.

Once you have decided what you want to do - in my example, I have decided to make the spell for "The human right to dance in freedom," you can build your spell.

  • Which higher power/s do you want to engage in this?

For my spell, I clearly need The Lord of The Dance - who else could it be?

I'm going to petition the Lord of The Dance. What shall I say to them?

  • Which words are you going to speak?

Words in magic don't have to be clever, but they have to be heartfelt. You need to really mean it. Spend some time writing a letter to your powers-that-be and then you can turn it into a rhyming spell type evocation.

Leap year spell magic diamond illustration

Lord of the Dance, now hear my call,

awaken the joy of dance in all,

break the bonds of what was told,

bring the new and break the old,

set all human beings free

so they can dance in ecstasy

This is my will, so shall it be!

  • How are you going to "activate" this spell?

I want a powerful explosion at the end of this spell, so I'm going to use a magic staff to slam into the ground on "So shall it BE!" to send the ripples round the world.

That's the heart of the spell; now we can consider the rest of the ritual.

  • How are you going to frame the spell?

Or in other words, how do we start, what do we do next, and how do we end the spell?

I have decided that I want to work in a  magic diamond (rather than the more traditional circle) and therefore will start by calling in the Lords of North, East, South and West, to frame the spell and add additional support/charge.

I'll be calling the quarters, creating a power point in the middle which is the platform for the heart of my spell; and when that's done, thanking the quarters is the natural "out" for the leap year spell/ritual.

  • Are there any ingredients that need to be found/assembled/made ready?

For this leap year spell I need only three things.

First, that's me, ready for the ritual. I have my ways of getting myself ready for a ritual or a spell; so should anyone who practises energy magic. This can involve taking a bath first or doing a "getting ready for magic" ritual first; as long as it suits you and gets you ready, follow your personal preferences as always.

The second thing I need is markers for the quarters; I'm going to go with candles on this occasion as I'll be doing this spell indoors. One can do such things as inviting gods, guardians and quarters by placing stones for them to inhabit as well, or light bigger fires, or even use lamps - X marks the spot.

The third thing I'm going to need is my magic staff. It's big and heavy and made from super hard wood and I like to use it when I really want to make an impact :-) which is certainly the case here.

So that's my material requirements, now I'm ready to ...

  • Write out the whole leap year spell/ritual step by step.

Now I have my leap year spell, and it works like this.

Light four candles set out in a square, starting with north, and on each one, we say:

Lord of (The North)

now hear my plea,

bring your love and light to me,

raise me and empower me,

Lord of (The North), I welcome thee!

When all four are lit, step into the centre of the diamond and let the energy from all four quarters stream into you.

Run it faster and faster until you're literally bursting with energy at the seams and ready to cast the spell:


Lord of the Dance, now hear my call,

awaken the joy of dance in all,

break the bonds of what was told,

bring the new and break the old,

set all human beings free

so they can dance in ecstasy

This is my will, so shall it BE!


Slam down the staff and let the energy explode outward, upward and down at the same time.

Use that energy explosion and start a dance of your own, a dance of freedom, joy and light, of celebration, because that will make the angels smile and the Lord of the Dance truly happy - dance is their gift to us, after all.

Let your dance be your gift of gratitude to the Lord of the Dance, and when you know it has been received, you can stand for a moment and sense for the resonance created by your spell.

When know/sense/feel it has been done, we can blow out the candles with a loving kiss and a heartful gratitude to each of the quarters - a job well done :-)


OK, so this is my leap year spell. That's what I'm going to do on February 29th, high noon most likely.

I hope it has inspired you to start thinking about what you might like to do on the day or the part of the night that is said to belong to that day.

Energy magic is a wonderful creative and inspiring thing ... :-)


Best blessings to all and a very happy Leap Year!



February 21st, 2012


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