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Spell Keywords: New life, changing one's life, abundance, money, earthly power, pleasure, love and higher planes aligned. Major spell and anthem, or hymn.

Bring me money, bring me riches,

bring me diamonds, bring me gold,

bring me land and business power

opportunities untold,

I am ready to receive now,

I am ready, so lets go!

Bring me money, bring me power,

tis my will, now make it so.

Bring me love and bring me kisses,

bring me joy and bring me fun,

bring me perfect precious mornings

every new day thatโ€™s begun,

I am ready to receive now,

I am ready, so letโ€™s go!

Bring me love and precious mornings,

tis my will, now make it so.

Wash away the oldest burdens,

all the memories of pain,

all the old thoughts and decisions

make me fresh and new again,

I am ready to release them,

I am ready so letโ€™s go,

flow away the oldest burdens,

Tis my will, now make it so.

Take the veils away from my eyes,

so that beauty I can see

Remove shells and shields and barriers,

so that I am really free

I am ready to engage now

in the true reality

without frontiers, without boundaries,

Tis my will, so shall it be.

Let my lionheart awaken

make my mind so still and clear

I will listen with all senses

my own souls sweet voice Iโ€™ll hear

I am ready to step into

my own perfect harmony

So that I am reunited,

Tis my will, so shall it be.

And I now reclaim my birthright

in miracle of flow

and my power will enrich

those around me who will know

that Iโ€™m ready to live life now

in the true creative flow

in the everlasting splendour

Tis my will,

and it is so.

StarFields, 5.5.04

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