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IAN wrote:
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Dear Ian,

those are two good questions.

I believe in magic.

I don't really know what that is, magic, at the end of the day. I use the definition for myself as follows.

Magic creates change in the world by use of non-physical means.

I don't believe in flying around on broomsticks, or telekinetically juggling large rocks or such.

But there are many aspects of magic which are quite real and I have experienced personally, as well as others that I have observed and which are documented in history.

There are invisible things that a magician can learn to see, and can learn to interact with. And can learn to use to their advantage - like you can catch a fish to eat it if you know how; you can catch and train a horse and ride it; you can use the wind to blow your ship to a destination of your choice and many other things of that nature.

And here we come to the "how has magic helped me" part.

Now we could talk about financial success or getting rid of people you don't like from your life and such, but that's not really why *I* do magic.

Magic reveals a whole world that coexists side by side with the hard world that most people inhabit and where they walk around blindly, running into all kinds of obstacles and going "ouch!" but they don't even see them.

This is a fantastic world, sometimes scary, sometimes wild but absolutely real and intensely exciting, amazing to behold and even more amazing to be a part of once you learn a few lessons on how to conduct yourself there.

It is more than having twice the life AT ANY TIME compared with those who have no idea these realms even exist, it is more exponential than that.

To learn about that world of magic is a lifelong fascination, far beyond "love spells" and "health potions", far, far FAR beyond in every sense.

It is a total challenge to our capacities as a human being and forces tremendous change, re-appraisal of old ideas, and to re-learn to use talents that were never used before. It's like starting again at the beginning, as a child.

Finally, those magic realms make the world complete again. It's a world that is far beyond all those stupid ideas of suffering and valleys of shadows. The world becomes this amazing place, sparkling, alive - and that seeps into you, the magician, it wakes you up and it makes you both incredibly happy as well as totally awed by it and humbled.

To find that world for a human being is to discover themselves.

That's why I do magic and encourage others to start looking deeper, further, more closely at reality to really see what's there - how much more there is than most people will sadly, ever know or discover before they die.

Thank you for writing and asking those questions; I enjoyed writing this and I'm going to post it to my website as my "magic manifest".

Blessed be, always,


PS: I wrote an introduction to the worlds of magic, called "The Enchanted World", which is available FREE. It is subtitled
"A free book on healing" and it is; but in essence what I'm seeking to heal most of all is that dangerous divide between the physical world, and the magical world, to bring them back together into one REAL world - The Enchanted World.

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