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How To Raise Power For Magic

How To Raise Power For Magic

Suree writes:

Dear StarFields, I've been taught to go into an alpha state prior to doing magic, spells, rituals etc.

But I find I get very sleepy and drowsy. How can I raise more power for magic?

Dear Suree,

here's what we do.


How To Raise Power For Magic


Before you speak a spell or touch anything, you need to be in the right state - you should be tingling with power.

Know your energy states!!!

Do NOT attempt to do any magic unless you're at LEAST a +3.

Trying to do magic of any kind in low energy states is dangerous and produces crazy outcomes that are at best confusing, and at worst damaging.



Here are four quick and easy ways to raise energy so you have more "magic power" for all magical activities (and stay not only safe and sound in mind, body and spirit, but to create beautiful magic that rocks the worlds!)



Practicing raising your energy makes your magic much more powerful. x

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