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How To Make & Store Holy Water or Sacred Water

How To Make & Store Holy Water or Sacred Water

Holy Water Carrier for potions and for special purposes.

Holy Water has been around since the dawn of time and in homeopathic circles it is well known that just placing a glass of clean water onto a piece of paper with the prescription written on it will replicate the effects of giving the actual tincture most precisely.

It stands to reason that one of the most useful prescriptions you can make to any client is a very personalized potion in a nice bottle with instructions as to how often it should be taken.

To facilitate this and do it right, here are the instructions:

• Use any water source that is both safe in the Hard way as well as attractive to you when you tune into it in all the other ways. I make the safety note because pretty magical brooks these days can be laced with just about anything and we do want our patients to get better, in general. Unless you can be sure what you are doing with water not tested for various basic safety standards, I might recommend bottled water in the absence of any personal preference on the subject you might have.

• There is merit in lightly tinting the water with a natural colour. The effects on the purity are offset more than enough by the added placebo power to the owners and caretakers. Studies have shown conclusively that the placebo effect rises sharply when green pills that are hexagonal are used instead of the usual white, round ones. It simply helps to believe if there is something to see.

• As you prepare a number of bottles of Sacred Water (and please be sure to follow all standard hygiene procedures) you may charge them with a general sense of Even Flow and steady support of a very deep level and soothing nature. This is better than to not think of anything and imprint the wrong ideas as you consider your shopping list!

• Store the template bottles in a wooden box and preferably wrapped in silk which is a good protector against accidental imprinting and keep them in a place that is neutral and supportive as far as environmental energies are concerned.

• For template bottles, neutral is the name of the game. The patient is not yet known and not every patient needs further energising as we have discussed.

• When the time comes to dedicate the Sacred Water, hold the client in consciousness and hold the bottle in both hands.

• Affixing a label that states the patient’s name and desired outcome, written out once again with intent and from a place of knowing that you are preparing a Healing Star in all ways, will keep the intention locked into the water even when it is stored under unhelpful circumstances and being handled by possibly energetically unbalanced people.

• Even so, the imprint in the Sacred Water does wear off over time because of the many energetic influences around and after being handled repeatedly. Have a notion as to how much should be used so that the bottle would be empty before this has occurred and build this into your prescription.

• When working with Sacred Water, you need to get your mind off the idea that you are dealing with Hard medicine in order to be able to widen your focus and thoughts as to what can and what cannot be imprinted. You can prescribe literally anything at all you can conceive of or hold in consciousness – from happiness to peace, from balance to song, from colour to the Northern Lights – it is all there for you to pass along in the form of the Healing Star so don’t limit yourself to just prescribing “Sophie’s Eczema Potion”, useful as though that is.

• When “prescribing potions”, please be excruciatingly careful with the laws of the land where you are practicing. In some places you cannot say such words at all, in some places you cannot sell Sacred Water, in some places the addition of the natural food colorant may cause a breach of some form of food, supplement or medication law. Check it out and if you are in doubt, ring your local agency and ask someone directly, then get their advice in writing so you are safe in the Hard with what you are doing.

• Take this very seriously please – this is your responsibility and could have very serious repercussions for you in the Hard if you even unwittingly or unknowingly transgress the rules that govern such things where you live.

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