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How To Improve Your Magic

How To Improve Your Magic

I am always asked for a spell to make better spells, a spell to unlock psychic ability, a spell to make someone into a powerful healer and so forth. There is a structure in magic, as to all things that human beings do. And of course, there is a way NOT to get any good results, just the same.

Here is an article with three examples on the topic of how to improve your magic abilities - for real, in the real world, and with REAL results.

Here are three practical examples of that question in different guises, and my responses to each one.

Below the three, I sum up the processes involved overall one more time.

This is the first one:

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How Can I Improve My Hypnosis Abilities?

Sender's Name: Jacques

Dear StarFields:

I am curious. I have tried self hypnosis several times and worked with a hypnotherapist on one occasion. The problem is that I tend to go from an extremely light trance state to an extremely deep, non-responsive hypnotic trance state without experiencing any of the intermediary levels. Is there any way I can get out of this "rut"?

Sincerely, Jacques


Hello there Jacques,

there is an article on that topic, How To Improve Hypnosis Skills here:

You can use EFT instead of EMO and also get good results with it.

The main part is perseverance, and doing something with hypnosis every day for about a month or so. It doesn't have to be heavy, just a countdown with relaxing on the out breath 7-0 for example a few times a day plus one hypnotic induction, or a self hypnosis exercise.

In conjunction with taking out reversals and negative emotional entrainments, traumas and responses and fears, that should give you the skills you seek.

For daily practice, Project Sanctuary is also excellent and generative, plus you working with your own energy mind (unconscious mind) without a third party hypnotist which has its uses if you are interested in becoming shamanically active at some point, or a hypnotist in your own right.

Good luck with that,


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How Can I Recover My Sixth Sense?

Sender's Name: Rory

Message: When I was little my-as I'm told by my mother- I seemed to have possessed a sort of sixth sense. *I told my mom my dad was coming home when, just two hours earlier, he had called saying his flight was running late and he would have to take a later flight. Five minutes later he was at our doorstep. And another time, I had watched a news report and gone back to bed, came into the kitchen later and saw the report on again.

I had told my aunt I saw it already, told her what happened, and she told me this was the first time the report had aired. (I had checked the time again, and yes, it was the same time as when I had watched it the first time.) But over the years this seems to have dimmed. Any deja vu I do get, or that 'sixth sense', they come less frequent and considerably more vague.

Is there any spell or maybe a potion to help me get it back or refine it?

Thank you, Rory

Hi Rory,

the very best method of improving your performance in anything, and including psychic things, is to PRACTISE on a daily basis.

Reading a lot of books on the topic doesn't make a virgin into an expert lover and really doesn't get someone to learn to play the guitar - you have to JUST DO IT to get a sense of what that is, and you get better with practise, in a trial and error kind of way.

That's how humans learn in general, and magic and psychic work is no different.

There are loads of neat little spells, beginner's exercises and practice pieces that are easy to do and that take hardly any time on the site, but try and do ONE THING every single day. That opens up the flow and I guarantee you, within a month you will have learned loads, gotten a lot better at fine tuning things and your awareness of how YOU work with psychic phenomena and your magic has improved at least 100%

Good luck with that and a special blessing of perseverance,


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How Can I Learn To Write A Spell?

Sender's Name: Daniela

Message: Dear Starfields, I love to do spells and I would like to do my own - but I can't do poetry! I'm terrrible at it and I wonder if there is a spell that I can do so I can write a spell and not have it sound totally naff?

Please help, I'm serious, this is very upsetting for me.




I hear you. You have a mental block, a writer's block, really :-) but first of all let me tell you that spells aren't poetry, and even if they were poetry, which they can be, they are very easy to do and nothing to be afraid of.

Your message above shows me clearly anyway that you CAN write and use words, and all you need is a bit of daily practice in the matter to start up that flow.

To get you started, here is a simple spell to encourage expression:

I am here and now I seek
with my own true voice to speak.
Let my voice, my word be wise
celebrate the endless skies
let my will be true and clear
that those who should hear will hear
I speak with heartfelt clarity
This is my will, so shall it be.

You can substitute "Write" for "speak" but that's the same thing.

Personally, I got really good at all forms of poetry not by a spell, but by doing at least ONE poem every day for about a year. I got that from Sylvia Plath, the poet, who did this to keep fighting fit and on top of her game; I even wrote an article about it because it is so useful:

The Sylvia Plath Pattern Of Creative Flow

She wrote poems about a lettuce leaf, about an ashtray, a stain of a table cloth - it matters not, it is just about the FLOW ITSELF, or you could call it the practice, the DOING of it. That's how you get better.

Also, I would advise you to do LITTLE SPELLS all the time. Just little two liners here and there. They do not have to be profound or anything at all, they just have to BE to learn to think that way and have it become easy when you need a profound spell at some point. I was in the car the other day and noticed I was stressing like hell because I would be late for an appointment because of the traffic. So I made a little chant that went,

I'll get there

when I get there

I'll get there

when I get there

I'll get there

when I get there

and that's when I arrive!

... which did the trick.

So, to sum up.

Write one spell every single day and don't worry if it isn't any good because it isn't about the spell at this time, but about learning to write them, opening the FLOW. You can use the "Clarity Spell" from above before you start to write each time, until you don't need it anymore.

Put all the spells you write together in a notebook, good and bad alike, because it is actually true that at the time of writing or just after, you are in no condition to judge its merits. You need to leave it for a week or two, then come back and look at it again. This also goes for editing and re-writing. Leave what you have written alone after you've written it, that's really important to not undermine your confidence but to get that flow started.

Once the flow starts, and it starts quite quickly, you can move on to more profound or challenging things simply by changing the spell up front to something more specific.

You can ask, "Give me a spell for (my Aunt Bessie's backache)" and simply wait for something to come to you, a picture or a mental movie or even just a sense of knowing what that is. Even as I wrote down that last sentence, because I'm used to this, I got a sense of "burdens released, pain relieved ..." which was the entrance point into the spell..

One last thing.

Turn off your spell checker and your grammar checker.

When you are writing down what the flow is telling you, what you see or what you are being shown, write fast, like a reporter in a war zone. Don't worry about the words themselves, just get an impression down as the flow occurs, as the information is streaming to you.

I'll do that with the Aunt Bessie poem for an example.

So I had an image of this old woman, worn down by a big weight on her back and I looked at that and said, she needs to have her ...

Burdens released, pain relieved, lightness restored, soothing white light, heal you, free you, be proud, be strong.

I just wrote that exactly as it came to me; if I wanted to now, I could take that and make it into a spell or a poem, rhyming or just rhythmical or leave it as it is, it sounds powerful to me if it was sent just as it is.

That's the content of the spell which is far more important than any words or fancy patterns around it - that's where the the heart of the spell is.

If you get a sense of what that is, then you have all the time in the world to write around it.

But always check that the heart is intact and that whatever words you use, HELP that, strengthen it, and not weaken it.

That's how you write spells, and practice makes perfect!

Wishing you a truly unencumbered flow of wonderful visions, always,


PS There is also the question of rhyming poems - see


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How To Improve Your Magic - IN CONCLUSION:

Three different people, three seemingly different questions - how do you get better at hypnosis, at being a psychic, at writing spells.

One answer:

Do it, practise it EVERY DAY.

All the world's greatest healers, hypnotists, psychics and magicians have started out with just an interest, and they got as good as they did by DOING LOTS OF IT.

There is truly no short cut to this process.

The MAGIC lies in the intention.

The first step is to make your up your mind and to say, "Right, that does it. I AM GOING TO LEARN HOW TO BE ...."

  • a great guitar player

  • a great healer

  • a great magician

  • a great hypnotist

  • a great psychic

... or all of it, because it relates on some level and once you are one, the others are easier because you've done it before.

Once you have MADE UP YOUR MIND that you WILL LEARN SOMETHING NEW, then it is just a question of doing it every day.

Like everything else, the first few times might be disappointing. The results might not be what "Wonderful Magic Master X off the telly" shakes from his sleeve with such ease, so naturally. But that is how it is in EVERYTHING. It's a normal learning progression.

And you don't have to go all "Chinese Olympic Squad" on this - furiously practising until your fingers bleed for 18 hours a day with grim determination.

That is NOT necessary.

Just a few minutes EVERY DAY and you WILL get noticeably better at whatever it is. You will have trial and error, and you'll start to find out what works for you, and what doesn't, and you gain CONFIDENCE along the way.

Especially with the metaphysical arts (psychic, witchcraft, esoteric healing, shamanism etc), it really helps to bring them out of the realms of spookiness and sacred magic circles, and to do them everywhere, and often IN YOUR DAILY LIFE. Really good psychics can go and sit in a police station under glaring neon lights and still do their job when given a bit of evidence, and real healers can do their thing in a hospital with bells and whistles going off all around them when need be.

This stuff is practical, helpful and a human talent courtesy of the Creative Order. You don't need to fear it, any more than you need to fear the noises you're going to make if you decide to start learning the violin! If you want to develop your metaphysical talents, all you have to do is make your mind that you will, and go for it with an open mind and joy in your heart - and it's all there for you.

Simple, straightforward, true and practical.

As well it should be.

SFX November 2006

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