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William Thomas Fernie MD

William Thomas Fernie MD

William Thomas Fernie MD was a physician in the late 19th and early 20th century and very little is known about him and his life that is easily discoverable.

However, he left behind a lifetime's fascination and love with exploring not just the world of all things hard, but taking a greater view - comparing his knowledge with that what has been told over the ages, collecting ideas and trying to find connections between people, plants, animals and minerals.


William T Fernie stands historically at a crossroads between the old ways, and the new ways of science; was he born just 20 years later, he would never have written these books.

William Fernie's books include:

Herbal Simples 1897

Animal Simples 1899

The Occult and Curative Power of Precious Stones 1907

I find a curious connection with many things that interest and inspire me too when I read through William Fernie's thoughts on these various topics, the quotes Β he has gathered patiently to support his views and the folklore.

William Thomas Fernie MD In The Garden - Illustration by SFXThere is a definite sense of time travel by entering into Fernie's world. For Project Sanctuary players, you only have to look at half an article and you're off, in another world, another time, a dimension where things were very different to how they are today.

I do think that William Fernie found solace in this time travel too, living in turbulent times as well, just the same as we are now.

And as an author, I really like the fact that his books have survived him, and can find fans and people who enjoyed what he wrote over a hundred years later too.

Don't measure Herbal Simples with the textbook stick of accurate up to date scientific information.

Measure it by how much you enjoy it, and whether some of it stays with you.

That's the true test of a writer, at the end of the day.

With best greetings to William Thomas Fernie,

Silvia Hartmann

Author, Aromatherapy For Your Soul

June 2010

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