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Help! Help! HELP!!!

Help! Help! HELP!!!

This is not a response to a single message, but an ongoing "cry for help" from one particular individual about all sorts - health, wealth, relationships, self esteem, EVERYTHING needs a spell because it is going wrong or so it seems.

Fact is that if you're in such a situation, "a spell for this, and then a spell for that" just isn't going to cut it. All those many different manifestations are all related to a basic freakout at a very basic level.

This sort of chaos is NEVER cured by finding yet another guru and yet another spell, but it needs to be addressed from the inside out.

This is what I said to the person in chaos after the umpteenth request for yet another spell for yet another problem:


Dear Help! Person


Right. I've had a word with your higher self.

It's a big shiny sonofabitch of a higher self that's perfectly happy and doing its thing.

I've told it that you are feeling powerless and desperate (again) and to go do something to wake you up to what you are, stop weasling around and get into this incarnation properly.

Higher selves have a totally different perspective on what's important and what isn't, and money, perfect health, beauty, love relationships and all of those things are not on its agenda - BECAUSE IT HAS ALL OF THOSE THINGS ALREADY!

However, higher selves CAN be made aware of the quite real suffering *we* experience down here, and it can be asked to assist, and it's more than happy to do that - only that we hardly EVER think to ask *our own souls* for help!!!

Hopefully you are going to start getting some messages from YOUR OWN soul shortly now.

But from your end, you absolutely NEED TO DEAL WITH YOUR EMOTIONAL STRESS.

It's like a swirling smog of nastiness that prevents proper communication between you and your soul. And your guardian angels.

Go do at LEAST theΒ Heart Healing spell, EXACTLY as it says, and do it for 27 days. 3x3x3

That's YOUR end here, to open up these lines of communication within yourself because without that, you'll always feel weak when you are actually not.

Check out this and get started on getting first of all, your stress levels under control as the absolute first priority.

You are an intelligent person and deep down you MUST know that I am right about this.

So pull yourself together, get proactive, calm down and most especially, and for the love of God!, START LISTENING TO YOUR SELF.

And don't come back until you've done the Heart Healing Spell for the advised 27 days, EVERY day, 3 times a day, just to prove to me AND to your higher self that you're willing to take some action from your end to make CHANGES.

Bright, pure starlight energy,


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