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Heart Protection, Heart Power

Spell Keywords: Lionheart, healing the heart, strengthening the heart, powerful center of self, need more power, need more confidence, protection from outside evil influences.

Heart Protection

Heart grows strong,

heart grows bright

like a fire in the night

burns all that is not for me

lights my path for me to see

warms protects me with its light,

heart grow strong and heart grow bright!

NB: Put your healing hands on your heart of energy, center of the chest, and repeat until you can feel yourself rising and stronger.

NB2: Where I come from we have this idea that a strong "lionheart" is the best defense rather than boundaries or barriers. Like, if an evil thing flies in close to the sun, it has no chance and must just burn up, so it is a kind of proactive defense without running the risk of encapsulating oneself too much and causing further problems for oneself.

The above is a Mantra Spell, to be said over and over like a mantra in moments of real need, very stabilising:

For general use, 3x each 3x a day for 3x3 days makes a real difference.

Waves of gold and purple to you,


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