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Health Spell - Friendly Food Spell & Multipurpose Charging Spell

A true multipurpose, very easy and quick spell to "bless" any kind of food item or a drink to make it healthful. Very useful in dieting or recovery, but useful at any time. Can also be used to make magical charms and objects for others, and for wealth, power, joy et al.

A Spell To Make Anything Healing

With your help,

my health shall grow,

as I will,

 it shall be so.


SFX 2004

NB: You can use this very, very useful multi-spell also for "charging" or "programming" any object (such as a bed, a whole house, a blanket, a teddy bear, a carpet, an amulet, a pot plant, etc).

NB2: It is very valuable to say this spell before taking any potion or medication, or even lighting a cigarette!

NB3: You can of course replace the word "health" with wealth, joy, power, strength, hope, soul or whatever else you want to grow.

NB4: And you can use this to make an object that you give to another, for example a teddybear for a sick child called Pete, as in, "With your help Pete's health will grow, etc."


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