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Healing Spell For A Horse

Healing Spell For A Horse

Jane writes::

Hi, please can you do a spell for my horse?

He is in his twenties and has Laminitis which affects the feet, causes great pain and can often be terminal.

Here is a shamanic spell or magic poem for all horses. Beautiful.

He has had a hard life prior to coming to me a year ago.

I am doing all I can for him. please help him to overcome this if you can. He has the will and enjoys a good quality of life now with companions.

Thank you




when I read your message, I felt a hugely powerful energy of blue and green come to me in response.

And some words, more of a shamanic song than a spell, or perhaps they are the same.

Speak this for your horse, and put some blue/green in his environment, a blanket or anything really to call that essence into his environment, remind him.

Remember that

you were born to the sky

endless, endless blue


Remember that

you were born to the plains

endless, endless green


Dancing, freedom,

light as the wind

the spirit of your people bright

rushing full of life and love of life

thunders the ground


You are horse.


You will always be free


No man can harness your spirit


You are horse.


You will always dance in blue and green.



Blessings to you both,


A follow up received about ten days later:

Dear StarFields,

I felt I had to just let you know the amazing thing that happened the other day in relation to our correspondence below, regarding 'Danny" the horse and his bad feet.

The farrier came to replace his shoes/check his feet etc the other day (this man is very no nonsense and blunt). He said that he had never seen such a huge improvement in a horses feet with laminitis in such a short space of time (the farrier is as highly qualified as he can get and has a great deal of experience) he told us that the soles of Danny's feet were starting to arch quite significantly (they were very flat with the laminitis).

I just wanted to let you know and I can't help feeling that something very special has gone on here!

So whatever you did I thank you so much!

Danny means the world to us.

Best wishes to you

Take Care

Jane x


 Spirit horse

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