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Healing Spell For A Sick Cat/Healing Spells For Animals

Healing Spell For A Sick Cat/Healing Spells For Animals

Healing Spells For Animals?

I was just asked for a healing spell for a sick cat and there are two energy magic things I really recommend for animals:

If the animal is yours and you can touch it, use this first of all:


That's so beautiful and just ... magical in every way. Do that once a day for a week and find out what happens.

For specific problems and day to day things, I recommend Animal EFT:


This is an excellent introduction to doing real energy magic and distant healing for beginners. Very educational and you can also use this "healing spell" for people and animals.

You can use both for health problems but also for behaviour problems. The second one can be used for wild animals too and animals you can't physically touch.

Highly recommended and good practice, I prefer people to learn energy healing with animals as they don't lie and give you direct feedback so you know what works and what doesn't.

Blessings to all
creatures great and small!


Awesome pure Energy Healing For Animals professional certification course here:

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