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He Is Avoiding Me - I Need A Spell

He Is Avoiding Me - I Need A Spell

Danny from Canada wrote, "There is this boy in my school and we had a great time one night together, it was amazing.

The next day, he totally ignored me and avoided me.

I'm upset - I don't know what I've done wrong. Did I say something? Am I not pretty enough? Is there something wrong with me? I need a spell!"

StarFields says:

This is a very common thing and happens all the time with boys/men.

They freak out. Get scared. Don't ask me of what. Of getting laughed at by their friends. Of not being able to handle a relationship. Of having to have sex and coming up short. God alone knows ...

The only really effective way I have found to deal with this particular male weirdness is tapping EFT. It's simple and works, andΒ  makes YOU feel better, no matter what happens next.

Make a list of what you think might be the problems.

- He doesn't like me
- He doesn't want a relationship
- He's afraid of what his friends would say
- I'm not good looking enough
- I said something that scared him offΒ  ...

... etc etc etc.

... and use each item on the list as the set up for as many rounds of EFT as it takes until you can look at the sentence and you know it has gone completely.

Then you move on to the next one until they're all gone.

Take your time, do it properly over a period of a week or so.

Finish up every session with one round for something positive, like "beautiful" or "attractive" or whatever you want boys to think when they see you.

Instructions how to do EFT are here:

Study that carefully. It won't just help you with this boy but it's a real life skill.

Good blessings to you,


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