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Halloween Spells For Real Witches

Halloween Spells For Real Witches

Are you a real witch? A truly magcal person, for whom magic is very real because you can feel it tingling in your fingertips, shooting up your spine, setting your heart and soul alight?

If so, what to do with Halloween? Here is an idea for you ...

Halloween For Real Witches

So today is Samhaim, or Halloween, All Hallow's Eve as it is known. And according to tradition, October 31st/November 1st is the holiest festival of the witch world. The most important festival in the calendar, the most meaningful and potentially powerful time/space alignment of the year.

There is talk of "the veil being thinnest" and spirits crossing with ease between dimensions and planes of existence ...

And so what do we want to do with that?

Well ...

There's the kids and their candy. The frat parties and all that muppet show. Some say this has been secretly encouraged by those who want to destroy the spirit of the real witch's new year; and if you are into conspiracy theories, that makes sense.

Screaming hordes of sugar high/drunk/mad muppets rampaging around like a herd of fools certainly put a massive amount of disturbance into the ether, that's for sure.

But there's more. There is also this whole idea that the magical holy day has to be dark and spooky - that you should spend it soul searching or communing with dead ancestors, or even meditating on all that's been bad the year before.

Between and amongst all of that, where is the LIGHT?

Where is the JOY of a real magical, holy space-time alignment?

Between the muppet fake terror/horror/zombie nonsense and the misery of "dark Samhaim" it is little wonder that then many good magical people refuse to celebrate the night of nights altogether - and I don't blame them.

Yet ...

Magic is real.

Space-time alignments are very real indeed.

And it is up to each magical person what they want to do with this day and night.

The screaming muppet hordes may cause a disturbance, but any magical worth their salt can punch through that and rise above it.

Above that, the air is clear.

The stars shine brightly and powerfully, as they have until the beginning of our physical universe.

Holiness transcends all, love reigns supreme as it always has, always will.

Here, a magical person can take the deepest, freest breaths and remember their own magic, and how much joy that brings, how wonderful it feels and how it connects us to that awesome web of life that holds us all.

Here, a magical person can remember the moments of grace, of surprise and sheer delight from that year that has passed now and forever; here, once filled with gratitude and amazement at the wonder of it all, a magical person may then turn to the future.

Here, a magical person may formulate their hopes and dreams for the year to come; become very clear and powerfully aware in mind, body and spirit of those thing, those events, those experiences that they wish to call into their life to make it brighter, more wonderful, more uplifting with every breath, with every day and starblessed night that passes.

Here, a magical person may then call upon all those loving spirits far and wide, angels small and angels bright, friends of old and friends of soul to come and join them there, give them their blessing too and messages of support, questions answered, yes, you have friends in high places ...

And there, the celebration may begin; the dance of futures, wide unfolding, lifting wings of light and love, and here, we celebrate in magic, and in truth.


There is magic.

Magic is real, and it is ours, awaiting us, waiting for us to turn away from the old, to stop being afraid and bravely, in delight, step in to the New.



October 31st, 2013


Addendum: Energy magician & composer William Taylor posted the following to my private forum, at the same time as I wrote this article:


"I was supposed to go to some bizarre halloween pole dancing event tonight (don't ask!), but decide to stay in and get out my musical pen.

Here we are, a song to release all that went wrong with magic and create a beautiful new relationship.

Was an 'interesting' journey!


This is a beautiful "magical meditation" and an energy magic song to turn up loud and let it assist in uncoiling magic reversals and other madness. Thank you Will for sharing it with us at MSAP!


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