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Guardian Angels & Guardian Spirits

Guardian Angels & Guardian Spirits


A good, ongoing, working relationship with your guardian angel or guardian spirit is OF THE ESSENCE if you want help, work magic, or need powerful protection. 

I am constantly surprised at people who want to try and do magic without such support, and others who really should know better who just put in few requests with their guardian angels or guardian spirits once in a blue moon during a ritual - and otherwise totally ignore them! How rude!


Make your guardian angel or guardian spirit a part of your life.

Talk to them.

Talk to them all the time, every day, like you would talk to a FRIEND - your best friend, in fact.

Don't be shy or overly respectful, BE YOURSELF when you talk to your guardian angel or spirit.

Tell them about your problems.

Ask them about their dimensions, about their lives.

Have them be around you and consult them often - take them shopping and ask their advice on what vegetables you should buy, as basic as that.

Draw a picture of them and put it in your wallet.

Buy them a house plant and put it on your window sill to help you remember and make them a part of your home.

Let them show you a piece of jewellery that can be your friendship bracelet so you always know you have a friend when you wear it.

There are countless ways to make a much more intimate, WORKING relationship with your guardian angel or guardian spirit.

And really, do NOT wait until someone casts a spell on you or you get sick or your incarnation goes tits up.

When or if that time comes, you want a good relationship with your guardian ALREADY ESTABLISHED.

You want them to be there, ready to go, full power, strong energy flow between them and you, without the need of going into lengthy rituals to even try and get their attention.

A really important aspect of that is not only to constantly share your troubles with your guardian angel or spirit - make sure you share your JOY with them too! Invite them in to dance with you, to be with you in love or enjoy nature, tell them about what you LOVE and don't just constantly moan and groan and whine, that's so important for a really good relationship.

Guardians can do such a lot for you in every way - IF you take the time and trouble to really build a good relationship with them.

And that means inviting them into your home and life, and letting them be a part of it. Then they really get to know you, get to find out how tough it still is for us down here, and they can get involved and help you out. 

Don't delay.

Do something TODAY to get closer to your guardian angel or guardian spirit.

It's one of the most important things, if not THE most important thing you can do in magic.



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