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Full Moon Spell

Full Moon Spell

Use the power of the full moon with this full moon candle spell to get to the next level in your life.

Full Moon Spell

Oftentimes we find that we can't move on in life until something has been achieved, something has been completed. When we look back on life, we find that there are certain step stones, that it wasn't a linear progression but that we moved in leaps, jumps to the next level.

Practically, that means that we find long periods of nothingness, where nothing seems to shift or change and we feel stuck, bored, spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere, no matter how much effort is expended. But then something happens and whoosh! We find ourselves in a whole new world.

The "whoosh" moments are what I call threshold shifts, and to bring about a threshold shift is what this full moon spell is all about.

As always, we start with forming the intention, the set up for the spell.

What do you want to achieve? What do you want to complete so it is done, so you can move on to the next level?

Let's say as an example you want to gain a significant increase in the money you earn so you can finally move to a place that will bring you the opportunities you have been wanting/needing/waiting for for a long time.

Or you might want to leave your current employment and find better job, start a business that will bring totally different opportunities for you to learn, evolve, grow and have fun.

Or you might want to leave a relationship so you are free to explore new opportunities in every way.

Or you might want to enter into a relationship which will bring new opportunities and experiences to you.

If you note, it is always the NEW OPPORTUNITIES that open up once you get over the hump that divides the new from the old.

Energy is needed for this, and the Full Moon Spell is a perfect time to raise this energy and fly high.

Here is the spell. It comes in three parts.


Full Moon Spell Instructions

1. Connecting With The New

In a quiet place on the night of the full moon, light a fresh white candle and sit with it.

Take a moment to sense towards the future and the new life, the new opportunities and the new exciting experiences that await.

Breathe quietly, with your hands on your heart of energy and let any ideas that bubble up simply flow by you, flow through you like a gentle river.

Think about a future you (a future aspect of you) who is living this new life and is loving it.

Connect with this future you and let it help you, inspire you and pull you forward towards the future.

Breathe deeply and say (evoke):

Under the light of the full moon

what will be coming soon

I will create.


2. Releasing The Old

Breathe deeply as you say (evoke):

I release all that holds me back

I release all fear

I release all doubt

I release all sadness

I release all anger

I release all heart ache

I release all heart break

I release all the old

for the new to unfold.


Take a moment to let all the old flow away as you breathe deeply, clean fresh air of this Full Moon night and feel energy raising, gathering inside for the final step that casts the spell.


3. Stepping Into The New

My hands

My heart

My soul

My mind

My body

all aligned


create my future

forward flow

This is my will

and it is so.


Stand up, go outside and enjoy the night for a time.

It doesn't matter if you can see the full moon or not; the night is filled with mystery. Dance if you will, a good thing was done.

When you get back inside, keep your full moon spell candle burning safely through the night and until it is entirely spent.


Sleep well, dream sweetly and look forward to your future.



 Full Moon Spell

Full Moon Spell Q&A


James: Can I do this Full Moon Spell more than once?

Starfields: Absolutely. Doing it on every full moon for a whole year will create a resonant wave that will build up. Go for it!

James: OK awesome! thanks x


Sheneya: Can you do the whole spell outside under the moon?

Starfields: Oh yes, of course. I always prefer that, weather permitting. I'm in the UK so the default is doing everything indoors!


Marlin: I'm not sure what you mean about sensing towards my future self?

Starfields: Start by thinking about the future you who is having fun. Ask yourself what they look like, how they sound, what emotions they are having, and how you feel inside when you think about them. Like pointing all your six senses in their direction, forward into the future. Makes sense? :-)

Marlin: LOL yes it makes sense! Thanks!


Derek: That's a lot of words to remember ...

Starfields: With a spell like this, just practice. It's like everything else, the more you practice, the better you get. The pick up itself gets faster when you do quite a bit of magic, there's a flow in these spell-words that links them together. Changing your life is well worth putting in a bit of effort!

Magic is not for the lazy, it's not a lazy shortcut. It's like everything else. If you want to do it well, pay attention, do the work and then it pays off in working beautifully and being extremely fulfilling.


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