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Free Your Magic With EFT

Free Your Magic With EFT

Time and time again when I'm asked for a spell for this and that I end up telling the person, "You don't need to do a magic spell for this, you need to do some EFT instead!" EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a baby-simple but highly effective self help treatment form to make changes to your energy body, and that changes the way you feel as well as the way you think.

For people who work in the blessed yet often perplexing realms of magic, EFT is extremely useful to overcome fears, limitations, anxiety, and generally speaking set a person free to do much, much more powerful magic all around.

EFT Tapping For Witches, Magicians & Those Who Study Magick

Time and time again when I'm asked for a spell for this and that I end up telling the person, "You don't need to do a magic spell for this, you need to do some EFT instead!" EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a baby-simple but highly effective self help treatment form to make changes to your energy body, and that changes the way you feel as well as the way you think.

For people who work in the blessed yet often perplexing realms of magic, EFT is extremely useful to overcome fears, limitations, anxiety, and generally speaking set a person free to do much, much more powerful magic all around.

You can learn about EFT here:

EFT works by stimulating certain meridian points which are like switches in the energy system, and when you tap on them, you improve the flow of energy through the main body meridians. This takes out blockages, improves your energy flow and makes you better at everything.

Everything includes thinking clearly, feeling calm and collected, and doing magic - of course.

This article is particularly about improving your magic with EFT.

EFT To Free Up & Restore Natural Magical Talents

Let's start at the beginning - how much magical talent do you think you have, on a scale of 100 - 0, 0 being no magical talent at all, and 100 being Jesus levels (or substitute any nearly God-like in human form miracle worker from your religion)?

Let a number come to you now.

No matter what this number is, we can improve upon it with EFT because the number is only a belief. According to Jesus, we all have 100% magical talent, only some of us use it more than others.

Tap a round of EFT on "I release all that stands in the way of my magical talent" and then ask the same question again. Most likely, your number has shifted upward.

The next thing you want to do is to tap a round for, "Even though I'm afraid of having access to 100% of my magical talent, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself."

Don't worry - EVERYBODY is afraid of their own power. Or what they might do with it if they had it. But that's just people thinking and reversals in the energy system. We don't need any fear, because fear has never made a person better, only worse.

Now, it's over to you. You can keep working with the numbers under 100%, meditate on why you might not want to reach 100% quickly and easily, and tap on the objections that come up such as, "If I had access to 100% of my magical talents, I'd go mad ..." (of course, you wouldn't, because with that much magical talent, you'll be sure to think of a way to NOT go mad - obviously!), or "If I had 100% of my magical talent, my friends and family wouldn't like me anymore ..." or whatever other objections rear their ugly heads.

These are only classical limiting beliefs and nonsense fears, but they do create what we call a zzzt in the energy system, and when it comes to a nice meditation or casting a decent spell, it's exactly those kind zzzts that cause things to go wrong.

Now, we come to some other topics you might like to tap on in the context of magic.

EFT To Take Out Negative Thinking & Limiting Beliefs About Magic

Always be on the lookout for negative thinking and limiting beliefs. They really are all just zzzts in the energy system, and the sooner we take them out, the better we will be for it, in healthy mind, body and spirit across the board.

Negative thinking and limiting beliefs are stuff like:

- "I'll do this spell but I don't really believe it will work ..." EFT treatment: "Even though I don't believe my spells will work, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself."

- "I've tried so often to do magic and always failed ..." EFT treatment: "I've tried and failed so often before."

- "It's not meant to be ..." Look out for that one! Magic is exactly about YOU deciding what's meant to be, and what isn't. That's the very purpose of magic, to get away from what ever happens, to making something happen that is your will. So catch yourself whenever you think something like that, and immediately tap on it: EFT Treatment: "It's not meant to be ..."

- "I'm no good at (rhyming, remembering spells, creating a flowing ritual, visualisation, clairvoyance, divination, etc. etc.)." You're good at it, or at least, you would be, if you weren't reversed and blocked on the topic.

- "I don't know what to do, magic is too complicated ..." Tap on that and you'll find, yes, you do know what to do, and if you don't you'll know where to find what you're looking for. Magic isn't complicated, it comes from the heart and the soul, we're born to it, and deep down you know that. When you take out blockages and reversals, you'll find that the confusion goes away and is replaced by clarity, and excitement to have a go and start learning things by doing them.

EFT For Bad Experiences With Magic

A lot of good magical people have zzzts in their energy systems because of old memories of some kind of chaos, pain, suffering or madness related to magic and the practice of magic.

You might want to tap on ...

  • Old religious entrainments, like "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" or "witches go to hell" or such things, they REALLY fuck with a person's ability to do clean, beautiful magic when they still spook about in your neurology and energy body;
  • Old fairy tales of wicked witches, wishes that go horribly wrong, and magic generally being a terrible thing that never comes to any good in the end;
  • Memories of being really frightened by paranormal and witchy things, such as ghosts, nightmares, night terrors, hearing voices and so forth. These sorts of things are the number one reason why magical folk shut down their abilities, often at an early age, and then wonder why they can't recover them later.
  • Memories of people being frightening, and this can be the village priest as well as some thing that happened in a coven during your hippie days, or when playing with a Ouija board as a school kid, or meeting a frightening witch at some time in your life;
  • Memories of "magic madness" - drug induced bad trips, or some magical thing that got out of hand and frightened you badly; or you thinking you were going mad under any circumstances related to paranormal happenings, abilities, or situations.
  • Magic confusion - being really confused and disorientated by magic and/or the way different people explain it, a book you read that upset you, something you heard or something you experienced that shook your faith in your ability to understand magic easily and beautifully, naturally.
  • Bad magic experiences - this includes coming into contact with fake magicians, having been duped by someone who pretended to be psychic and later you found out they were not, bad tarot readings, bad astrological readings by others, paying for a spell that didn't work, doing a spell yourself that didn't work or spectacularly misfired, witnessing chaos caused by magic.

All of these things cause disturbances in the Even Flow of our energy system; they make vibrations unstable and cause magic failure, too.

EFT For Everyday Stress That Messes With Your Magic

If you've ever tried casting a spell and in the middle of it, the phone rang, someone banged on the door or the baby started to cry, you will know exactly what I mean when I say that for your magic to be flowing powerfully, and your magic spells to succeed, you need to free yourself from every day stress.

Stress causes disturbances and disruptions in the smooth flow of your energy body; as a result, thinking gets weird (and the more stressed you are, the weirder it gets!), your feelings get out of control, you can't concentrate, and spells get very shakey and flakey as a direct result.

You can use EFT to take out annoying stress before you start on any ritual, any spell, any session of meditation or clairvoyance, and you should.

Think about what stresses you the most in your life. Most of us have one or more long term thing that's always "at the back of our minds". For some it's a relationship, or health, or finances, or worries about the children, or being bullied at work, having a bad job or boss, flailing at school or university, or even the state of the planet; fear of death, it's the kind of stress that never really goes away and creates an ongoing, high pitched screech in your energy system, even when you're resting or sleeping.

Often, the main stressor is like the proverbial elephant in the room, people are so used to that stress, they don't even notice it any longer. I met a lady the other day who was constantly worried about her disabled son and his health and future, totally worn down by the constant fear that he might die in the night unexpectantly, and she was wondering why she was so stressed and couldn't find a good reason for her migraines and skin rashes!

You can do formal EFT sessions for whatever is your "elephant in the room" but you can also just talk about what stresses you out aloud and tap, tap, tap as you speak until you can literally feel yourself uncurling inside, stepping down, and further down, and heaving a sigh of relief - those are your signs that the stress is leaving your energy system and you're starting to become clearer, and cleaner.

That's really important to do on a regular basis; spells cast from a stressed state have little hope of ever working properly, or getting you what you want them to do.

That applies for all paranormal workings, and it's also the answer why sometimes paranormal or psychic failure occurs - it's stress, and you can take it out with EFT.

If you have long standing stress problems and a very high accumulation of stress, I recommend this free treatment program for anxiety and stress here.

  • I am absolutely certain by the power of experience with many, many people over all these years that anyone can improve on anything they do if they take some time to take out the blockages and reversals, especially in magic and paranormal work.

Often, people spend a lot of money and even more time trying to gain extra magic from here, there, and everywhere, and it never gets any better. The reason is simply that all these blocks and reversals, all these zzzzts make it impossible for a person to grow and flow, and unfold their magical wings, as it were.

So look at this as an ongoing process.

Keep EFT close by and as soon as you spot one of these zzzts in yourself, stop and tap a round of EFT.

Over time, this will make you into a more powerful magician and unlock your natural abilities more and more.

You will find that naturally, your confidence grows; your spells get a lot more smooth, there is more clarity, and your magic lifts to whole new levels.

When you take out the old garbage, there is already a breath of fresh air.

And there's room then for the new - new experiences, new learnings, new insights, and that's then your evolution as a magical person underway.

Who could ask for more?

So really - get to work and instead of catching your z's, catch yourself some zzzzts and take them out.

You and your magic will be 100% for it!

Blessings to all magical folk,


October 2010


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