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Evil Black Magick Confusion

Evil Black Magick Confusion

Misty wrote: If you can please help me with a spell so that I can be happy, I know that someone has done evil black magick on me and i really have tried everything possible to help my self but , really i have not had any luck.

Also I did some magick a while back with some anvil dust and salt and it all went horribly wrong , I wonder if you can help me undo it.


Hi Misty,

I highly recommend you start with the Heart Healing Spell, and do it properly and with full intention, for the required 3x3 (9) days.

You can find it here: The Heart Healing Spell

Do *just* that for the 3x3 days to settle some of your confusion and chaos down and to help the next step in the right direction to become apparent.

Be calm, be blessed.


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