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Essences Of The Colours and Colours Exercise

The essential magical resonances of the colors explained, plus an exercise to unlock the power of color magic for personal magical uses. And a poll on your favourite magical colour resonance!

The Essences Of Colours

Yellow is the colour of self, of one very particular human totality which includes the soul.

Red is the colour of life, or physical life.

Orange therefore is about acting in the physicality, doing things rather than thinking about things or using magic, and actively and personally experiencing life, rather than watching TV. In that way, it is both a grounding as well as an enlightening colour and makes the bridge between the physical and the spiritual for both those who are not in their body enough, as well as those who are longing for more spiritual actualisation.

White is the other dimensional spirit colour and black its densest version. These are not painter's inks but essences so they do not progress through "grey" but instead, via SILVER from one to the other, producing the essential opalescent black and white respectively.

Blue is the colour of infinity.

Yellow is the colour of the soul-self.

Green therefore makes for infinite aliveness as it bridges from a young or newborn soul towards absolute infinity and in the course of this, becomes ever more expansive as it passes through turquoise on its way to true blue.

Turquoise is the last stage of the infinite soul-self in individualised form.

Purple, being the direct descendent of red, life, and blue, infinity, stands for the realms beyond physical life as well as that it includes physical death, as purple becomes ever more ultraviolet and shifts into a realm other than what humans may perceive or have personal experience of before they have been reborn as the angels.

Pink is a very powerful combination of spirit and life, and it is worth remembering again that we are not talking about a flat pink, but because of the component of opalescent white, a shell pink that evokes in all the range from pure opalescent white to the single vibration red, love personified and made physical.

Colour Exercise:

Spend time with each colour and reach for the essential vibration of that colour.

Start with the one you are most attracted to and focus on it until you find that you have understood it completely, and most personally.

Use Energy Clearance techniques, such as EMO, to remove all old learnings, meanings, prejudices, old memories attached or old thoughts which get in the way of making the requisite pure contact with the essence of the colours.

When you have "understood" a colour, write, paint or sing your understanding as best as is possible to align the conscious self with the deeper understandings of the rest of you and move on to the next which calls you.

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