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Ego Manager Potion (To Realise & Correct Mistakes)

We do get some interesting submissions here at Magic Spells & Potions! To be honest, a lot are a bit silly and as I run them through my Tesla Machine, I can tell they wouldn't do any good at all. I suspect there are giggling teenagers who watch a lot of Charmed at work ... But once in a while there's a really good one. This one here, "Ego Manager" is actually very intriguing and well worth a try, see what shakes loose :-) Spell keywords might be: Spell to uncover mistakes you made, potion that makes you come to your senses, potion/salve to free up more energy, experimental potion?

Submitted by an ANONYMOUS VISITOR:

Ego Manager Potion

I discovered this spell/potion merely by mistake, while trying to make an energy potion.

This potion is very strong however, so a little goes a long way.

Rub a small bit on your wrist, or on whoever you think needs it.

5 leaves of mint
1 stem of mint
4 dried rose hips
1 carnation (all of it)

Grind each then combine and mix into a paste.

It works because when you wear it, something happens to you that day that makes you realize your mistakes and you get to fix them.

Sent in by: A Visitor

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StarFields Comments:

I really do like the comment the creator of this potion made about "by mistake whilst trying to make an energy potion".

I'm guessing this means trying to make a potion to give you more energy to tackle the tasks and responsibilities in your daily life.

One of the things that ROBS US of energy are of course, where we have mistakenly entered into some thing - like a relationship, or a job, or even an activity or an addiction - which CONSTANTLY drains the living light out of us!

But the thing is that not UNTIL we have gotten to the point where we REALISE that the whole thing WAS ACTUALLY A MISTAKE in the first place, that we can get ourselves out of it.

Until that happens, you go around thinking you deserve it, or it's good for you to suffer, or that it was somehow meant to be ...

So to REALISE OUR MISTAKES for what they are can't help but give us lots more freedom, lots more energy and also, lots more options, choices to go towards - NEW things and NEW experiences.

Great potion that.

I shall try it ...

SFX July 2005

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